Experience our New Audiometer & Fitting Unit

The Measure audiometer and fitting unit solution offers flexibility through wired or wireless accessories. Our sleek and stackable device seamlessly integrates into any clinic decor, optimizing space while maintaining a modern aesthetic. With advanced features like portability and precise diagnostic capabilities, our audiometer revolutionizes testing and increases efficiency and accuracy. Elevate the patient experience, enhance workflow, and confidently deliver superior care with our hearing assessment and fitting unit.

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Flexible. Revolutionary.

The sleek and modern Scandinavian-inspired aesthetic of the integrated unit exudes elegance, making it a desk-worthy addition that you'll never want to conceal.

Controlled Hearing Assessment

With the Measure audiometer and fitting unit, you can conduct precise and controlled hearing assessments. Whether you need to perform basic pure-tone audiometry or more advanced measurements, our portable device is equipped with the most common hearing tests with high frequency. 

Precise Hearing Aid Fitting

Perform Real Ear Measurements and Speech Mapping with the Measure audiometer to accurately fit, fine-tune and verify the performance of hearing aids, enabling a more personalized and effective fitting process, improving your patient's overall satisfaction.


Small Size. 
Great Design.

Experience the power of compact sophistication with our redesigned audiometer and fitting unit. Our new model boasts a remarkably reduced physical footprint compared to its predecessors, showcasing our revolutionary stackable design that seamlessly integrates the fitting unit and REM speaker. Embrace the perfect blend of functionality and space-saving elegance. The new audiometer and fitting unit measures 140x140x55 mm, while the REM speaker follows closely at 140x140x150 mm.

Best Care Experience Measure Diagnostic Audiometer Fitting Unit

Technical Specifications

TRANSDUCERS: Insert Earphone, REM Probe, REM Probe Flex, B71, ER-3C, DD45, DD450, DD65v2

ADD-ONS POSSIBLE: Optical plug and connect multiple speakers

FREQUENCY RANGE:  125 Hz to 16 kHz

LEVELS: -10 dB up to 120 dB HL (maximum output is limited by transducer’s capability)

COMPATIBILITY: Noah 4 or higher as well as other practice management software systems such as Auditdata Manage and Auditbase

DIMENSIONS: 140 x 140 x 55 mm

WEIGHT: 415 grams

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New Stackable

Our new audiometer is stackable and sits perfectly on top or below the loudspeaker, optimizing your clinic's layout. By utilizing less space, you can create a more organized and efficient workspace, ensuring a sleek and modern look while maximizing the functionality of your clinic. 


Our audiometer effortlessly slips into a standard laptop-bag, enabling seamless mobility. Plus, with the convenience of USB-powered functionality, setup is a breeze. Whether it's a home visit or moving from clinic to clinic, simply plug in the USB cable and you're ready to go.

New Wired/Wireless

Embark on a journey of exceptional care with our groundbreaking audiometer and fitting unit solution, where you can choose between a wired or wireless setup. Same design - different outputs. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Measure Software

We Offer The Most Common Types of Hearing Tests

Our cutting-edge Measure Software provides a comprehensive range of standard hearing assessment and hearing instrument fitting tests. What sets our software apart is its modular design, empowering clinicians to tailor their software package with specific modules that suit their preferences. This approach ensures a resilient and personalized experience that perfectly aligns with your needs.

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