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Auditdata’s New Digital Audiometer Transforms Sonaire Centro Auditivo’s Patient Experience 

In the bustling cities of Alicante and Elche, Erika Saldarriaga stands at the forefront of audiological innovation. As the dedicated owner and lead audiologist of Sonaire Centro Auditivo, she faced significant challenges in delivering top-tier hearing care. Erika’s previous audiometer tools were sluggish, error-prone, and technologically outdated, leading to prolonged diagnosis times and subpar patient interactions. 

This case study explores how Erika's adoption of Auditdata’s cutting-edge digital audiometer in 2023 revolutionized her practice.

Auditdata customer story - Measure Audiological solutions

The new Measure solution offers rapid data transfer, seamless integration with existing clinic software, and user-friendly interfaces that significantly reduce manual errors and enhance diagnostic accuracy. By integrating advanced technological solutions, Erika has not only streamlined operational efficiency but also enriched the quality of life for her patients through more precise and personalized hearing care solutions. Learn more about how the new Measure solution redefined the standards of patient care.  

A Comprehensive, Integrated Solution 

Sonaire Centro Auditivo Using Auditdata Measure

Erika, leading Sonaire Centro Auditivo, faced significant challenges with outdated audiometric tools. These cumbersome devices were particularly ineffective at higher frequencies crucial for accurate diagnostics. 

"My previous audiometer just couldn't keep up. It was slow, aesthetically outdated, and cumbersome," Erika recalled.

In the quest for efficiency and precision, Auditdata’s Partner, Multiacustica introduced Erika to Auditdata’s new digital audiometer when she opened her latest clinic in Alicante in 2023. This new tool promised not only faster data transfer and direct storage of test results for immediate access but also boasted a design that was both aesthetically pleasing and easy to use.

"The integration with our clinic's software was seamless, transforming our operation's efficiency almost overnight," she explained. 

Erika's daily routine became significantly streamlined with the new system.

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"Previously, entering patient data was fraught with challenges. Data could be easily lost, and manual entry was not just time-consuming—it was prone to errors. But with Auditdata’s new audiometer, those days are behind us. It's intuitive, with clear displays and no need to memorize complex inputs. It's a game-changer."

Erika Saldarriaga

Speech Therapist and Audiologist

Since December 2023, this state-of-the-art audiometer has not only enhanced diagnostic accuracy but also improved patient fitting experiences. Erika highlighted the innovative features of the Measure Software, particularly its clinical workflows and notification alerts. "These features ensure we never skip critical steps during exams, even in the busiest days", she added. 

A key functionality that Erika appreciates is the notification system, which cues her to essential actions like masking during tests—vital for accurate diagnoses. "It’s easy to get distracted during a busy clinic day, especially when you’re deeply engaged with a patient. These alerts are a simple, yet powerful tool to maintain focus and ensure no steps are missed", she said. 

Erika is more than satisfied with Auditdata’s comprehensive solution, praising its ability to streamline processes and reduce redundancies.

This revision aims to highlight the transformative impact of the new audiometer on Erika's practice, enhancing the narrative to make it more engaging and emphasizing the positive changes brought about by adopting the new technology. 

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"This system doesn't just save time—it ensures our data is precise and secure, minimizing the chance for errors and enhancing our overall patient care quality."

Erika Saldarriaga

Speech Therapist and Audiologist

Auditdata: The Industry’s Leading Provider 

Auditdata Measure And Sonaire Centro Auditivo

Erika's enthusiasm is clear when she talks about her experience with Auditdata. Having worked with various audiometric tools over the years, she finds that Auditdata stands out not only for the sophistication of its technology but also for its exceptional support and integration capabilities.

"The implementation process with Auditdata’s partner, Multiacustica was seamless," Erika exclaims. "What I love most is the integration—the simplicity of having one program and one database that centralizes all the information makes it incredibly easy to manage and access data." 

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"It's not just about the technology being user-friendly—it's about how it integrates into our daily operations. Data updates are immediate, and the system calibration is extremely fast, which means less waiting time and more direct care with patients."

Erika Saldarriaga

Speech Therapist and Audiologist

Erika also appreciates the sophisticated design of the clinical workflows and notification alerts built into the Measure software. "These aren't just features; they are essential tools that ensure precision during each step of the hearing test. They alert me if something is amiss or if an additional test is needed, ensuring that nothing is overlooked." 

Her conviction about the value Auditdata adds to her practice and the broader hearing care industry is strong. "I'm confident in saying that Auditdata is the leading provider. Their comprehensive solutions have not only enhanced our clinic's capabilities but have also set a new standard for care in our industry. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend their solutions to any professional looking to elevate their practice." 

Nudging And Workdlows

Auditdata Measure

Ensure Accurate, Assured Hearing Assessments and Fittings

With Auditdata Measure, hearing care professionals and patients can trust their results and make qualified decisions in their patients’ hearing care journeys. Stable and secure software and hardware give confidence in clinical quality, so they can deliver care back to patients.

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