Notification Alerts to Assist During Testing and Fitting

This feature provides friendly reminders or notifications during testing and fitting, offering optional suggestions to assist hearing care professionals in taking the correct actions, adhering to best practices, and following protocols. While measurements are being performed, a small notification is displayed, gently prompting the user to consider appropriate actions. This functionality can be fully configured by the user or system administrator, allowing customization according to individual preferences and requirements.

Nudge Measure

Ensure The Highest Quality Care

Audiologists must deliver efficient and accurate diagnoses and excellent care day after day. Each patient has specific needs that must be met and different levels of hearing loss that must be properly corrected. Notifications in Measure help audiologists correct any missing test points or overlook any audiometric rules can help tremendously.

Measure Clinic & Staff Performance

Our solution offers reports, such as a view of performance metrics for a specific clinic or clinician. Reporting allows clinic owners to get a holistic view of what is happening in the clinics and determine how well audiologists are following the best practice workflows. Using Measure, they can immediately identify and address any non-compliance issues.

Easier Clinical Auditing

The data from the Measure software is stored in the cloud and can be used for clinical auditing, which provides a comprehensive, accurate view of the business, including performance metrics for each clinic and clinician. This allows clinic owners, managers, and heads of audiology to identify and fix any non-compliance issues.

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If you want to learn more about how real-time audiometric quality assessment and notification alerts improves both efficiency and quality of hearing exams. It allows clinicians to work confidently, without missing anything or making mistakes. This helps ensure clinical compliance and high quality in a fast-paced environment.

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Easy Configuration

The notification alerts serve as “friendly reminders” or warnings to keep the clinicians on track, ensuring they follow best practice guidelines for superior customer care. Here are the types of warnings you can configure: 

  • Missing stimuli checks that the stimulus is played on the frequency where the store is made.
  • Inter-octave frequency requirement checks for significant drops in intensity between the standard octave frequencies.
  • Mandatory frequencies are ones that the organization requires clinicians to assess for each client.
  • Masking recommended indicates whether masking is needed at a specific frequency according to rules for masking.
  • Consistency issue is an option to determine the circumstances where consistency issues occur with loudness perception is UCL > MCL > AC ≥ BC?
Nils Auditdata 2022 testimonial

"Audiologists face numerous, complex decisions with every patient regarding clinical workflow, testing, diagnosis, counseling, and recommending solutions. Hearing clinics should use Auditdata Measure’s real-time assessment and nudging to ensure consistently high-quality hearing examinations, accurate diagnoses, appropriate solutions, and proper fittings."

Nils Westerlund

Director of Clinical Product Management at Audidata

Measure E-learning

Welcome to Our E-Learning Course on Nudging in the Measure Software

We are delighted to present this comprehensive e-learning course aimed at providing an in-depth understanding of real-time quality assessment and nudging within Measure software. Whether you're a seasoned audiologist looking to refresh your knowledge or a beginner eager to grasp the essentials, this course has something valuable for you.

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