Optimise your clinic for success

Run a successful audiology clinic with our built-in data analysis that gives you all the information you need to find out what you are doing well and to optimise what you are not.

Handle the daily operational needs

As a Head of Audiology or a part of the management team, you need visibility of all the information to run an audiology clinic successfully. While handling the daily operational needs smoothly is critical, a broader focus on the overall management of resources and performance is imperative. Auditbase can help you with that.

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Full user and management reporting

Auditbase includes a number of standard user and management reports that target the support of daily operational needs as well as helping you to ensure full resource and throughput management. Use our reporting to keep track of performance and day-to-day operations so you can optimise your audiology clinic.

Multi-purpose reporting

You can use the reports in Auditbase to meet government requirements for reporting. You can handle both local or multiple clinics, and you can create new report templates with for example Crystal Report. If you need help setting up new reports, we can offer support and training.