Auditbase and Primus integration

Hospital audiology clinics face a variety of stress factors, including increased workloads, busy clinics, and tightening budgets. Auditdata’s clinical solutions allow audiologists within hospitals’ audiology clinics to work smarter and more efficiently. You can decide to use Auditbase and Auditdata's audiological equipment as stand-alone solutions but combining them to use both solutions in your clinics will optimize the way you operate and maximize the systems’ benefits.

Auditdata Measure

Audiological equipment to manage and optimize clinical workflows

Auditdata Measure, a portfolio of audiological equipment run by advanced software, lets audiologists manage and optimize clinical workflows based on data-driven insights. Whether you're doing testing and fitting at your hospital or working off-site, you need flexible, connected solutions that make clinical data available to other systems. 

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Building blocks to power your clinical performance

Measure offers seamless integration to NOAH for a streamlined, integrated experience. Also, Measure is fully customizable, so your clinicians can add the specific modules they need, such as video otoscopy, REM, and/or speech mapping.

Audiological Equipment Overview

Advanced user-friendly audiometer

Primus Pro is our advanced audiometer providing everything you need to deliver the best practice hearing care.

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Portable clinical audiometer

Primus Ice is our portable audiometer, the size of an envelope, that is ideal for diagnostic audiometry on the go. 

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Hearing Instrument test box

Primus HIT Pro is our advanced hearing instrument test box with outstanding acoustic properties.

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Primus LS Mini New

Portable loudspeaker system

Primus LS mini is a portable high-end loudspeaker with optimal REM and RECD capabilities. 

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Clinic Management for hospitals 

Auditdata’s Auditbase is a leading hospital IT solution that serves hundreds of hospital audiology clinics and thousands of users in the Nordics, UK, and Republic of Ireland. The Auditbase clinic management system (CMS) helps hospitals’ audiology clinics streamline workflows, centralize data, increase efficiency, simplify numerous administrative tasks, and optimize patient treatment. Auditbase makes it simple to record patient information, store and access data, review and analyze reports, and more. Besides Auditbase has been developed, implemented, and tested against international recognized standards to ensure that Auditbase complies with the highest levels of security, safety, and performance.

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The benefits of combining our solutions in hospitals

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Save time and increase data quality

Our Measure software is interlinked with Auditbase. This means you can easily access the audiological measurement software from Auditbase, then capture, store, and analyze the measurement data. Data is immediately available in NOAH for further hearing aid fitting.

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Auditbase makes measuring easy

The Primus Panel in Auditbase takes the audiologist easily through measuring, using pure tone, AC-BC, and speech measurements to determine each patient’s hearing loss and provide the right solution for their individual needs.

Task List

Add auto-notes

Once you have carried out your hearing test protocols, the results are saved directly in Auditbase, where you can experience quick, easy, reliable note-taking in the system to explain the measurements and maintain accurate records.

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Combine your measurements in Auditbase

Add reflex thresholds and obtain the audiogram directly using the Primus panel in Auditbase. This means that you get an instant view of each patient’s dynamic range of hearing to help fit their hearing aids.

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Alignment with local guidelines for audiometry

When using the Primus panel, Auditbase receives thresholds from the Primus system and draws the audiogram for the measurement. This means complete adherence to the BSA guidelines, making it possible for the audiologist to focus their time on the patient and pay attention to the patient response.

Easy To Use

Flexible onboarding and training

Auditdata provides all the tools, services, and support you’ll need to get started, including remote service and e-learning, allowing you to easily train your staff and onboard new employees.

Are you ready to take clinic management to the next level?

Learn more about how Auditdata’s innovative, integrated solutions can help your hospital’s audiology department improve tasks and boost patient care.