Facilitating ENT, CI and Otology Surgeons  

Our dedicated modules provide an easier way for ENT Doctors, Cochlear Implant and Otology surgeons in the hospital to communicate with their Audiology teams, reducing wait times and costly miscommunications.

Serving the needs of ENT departments

Hearing care professionals like ENT doctors and cochlear implant and otology surgeons have difficult enough jobs without struggling to get information from multiple systems. Auditbase Viewer eases communications for hearing care professionals of all kinds.

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Connect professionals

Auditbase Viewer allows ENT doctors, hearing therapists, and teachers of hearing impaired students to communicate directly and electronically with audiology clinics.

Assign tasks

From requests for specific examinations to notifications of incoming urgent cases, Auditbase helps ease the communication flow even more by sending electronic tasks directly to the audiology department.

Get a complete overview

Client data is transferred frequently between ENT and audiology departments, creating possibilities for human error and clerical mistakes. Auditbase Viewer allows an ENT department to access, view and print client data from an audiology department, and vice versa, giving you a complete overview of the patient’s treatment journey.

CI & otology with a personal touch

Cochlear implants and otology require specialized handling, and no one knows that better than the actual users. We’ve teamed up with experts in CI and otology surgery in the UK and Scandinavia to share user feedback and create modules to handle a wider range of specialist data.

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