Calibration With Auditdata

Experience Zero Downtime 
with Smart Swap Calibration Service

We've simplified calibration for you. Before your old transducers are due for recalibration, we ship calibrated ones right to your doorstep. Plug in the new transducers, and you're set. Send back the old ones and enjoy uninterrupted service. That's the magic of Auditdata SWAP service.

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Innovative Calibration Storage

Our cutting-edge system saves the calibration data right in the transducer plug. This means all you need for recalibration is to connect a fresh set of earphones or probes—zero hassle, zero downtime. Plus, your 12-month activation starts from the day you activate the transducer in your Measure software.

Learn Why Calibration is Crucial for Your Hearing Equipment

Asset Management Control

Monitor all your transducers with ease using our Asset Management cloud service. View critical data like transducer type, serial number, location, latest calibration data, and days left for calibration. Being on top of your transducers' status ensures smooth calibration swaps and makes audit preparations a breeze.

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SWAP Service Level Agreement

We offer comprehensive swap service to all our customers. Learn more about the terms and conditions of the transducer SWAP Service between the you and Auditdata. 

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How Does It Work? 
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