Elevate Clinic Performance with Audiology Insights at Your Fingertips

Empower your team's focus on revenue generation and patient care. Our audiology patient management software offers a variety of reporting templates tailored to the key business aspects of retail hearing care. Easily access summaries of sales, operations, finance, marketing, and administration on your screen, or effortlessly export them in popular formats like PDF, Excel, and Word. Streamline your efforts and prioritize what truly matters.

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Auditdata Manage's succinct yet comprehensive sales reports help you gauge team performance, plan sales strategies, and forecast sales, thereby shortening sales cycles. Easily compare current results to set goals and past performance.

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Our operations reports offer a snapshot of key performance indicators (KPIs) to guide your team. Use these reports for benchmarking and data-driven decision-making within your organization.

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Track and analyze your clinic's financial health effortlessly with Manage's financial reports. Gain insights into sales, cash flow, and resource utilization to optimize business management.

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Enhance inventory efficiency with Manage's reporting capabilities. Know what to stock, when to reorder, and how to reduce administrative burden, all while improving overall operations.

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Auditdata's marketing reports provide actionable insights into campaign effectiveness and lead conversion. Use this data to refine your marketing strategies and achieve business growth goals.

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Explore Our E-Learning Course on Reports

This comprehensive E-learning course about Reports in Manage is designed to guide you through the different reports available and the process of generating them. 

Sales Reports

Uncover Business Potential with Robust Sales Reports

Sales reports are essential to your business, helping your leaders monitor the team’s performance, plan effective sales strategies, forecast future sales, and reduce the length of your sales cycles. The comprehensive, user-friendly sales reports in Auditdata’s Manage provide an overview of your clinic’s sales, conversions, and overall performance so you can see how your team is performing compared to set goals and previous years’ metrics. 

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Operation Reports

Optimize Clinic Efficiency and Patient Experience with Operations Reports 

Our operations reports provide a holistic view of your organization, spotlighting key performance indicators (KPIs) to help your team stay on track and consistently improve your processes. Your managers should regularly use operational reports to benchmark performance within the organization and access critical data for more informed decision-making.

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Appointment Details

This report shows the appointments by date, location, and specialist. Details include hearing loss type, sales, outcome, and appointment notes.

Appointment Results

Records information of appointment types, locations, date, specialists, and the current appointment status.

Periodic Appointment Distributions

Shows appointments booked by type and location. Provides totals and percentage of appointment type booked.

Open Workflows

Details all open workflows by region, patient, appointment reasons and hearing aids. 

Patient and Lead Information

A consolidated overview of all your patients and leads based on location, region, and/or last appointment type. 

Finance Reports

Financial Reporting Helps Monitor Performance and Drive Continued Growth

The financial reports within Manage help clinic leaders track, analyze, and understand the business and financial aspects of their practice. These valuable insights allow clinic leaders to make more informed decisions about how to manage and optimize the business. Auditdata’s financial reports spotlight critical factors – including sales, cash flow, and resource usage – to assess each hearing clinic’s financial health. 

Finance Report

Inventory Reports

Streamline Inventory Management for Enhanced Efficiency

Reports in Manage help hearing clinics improve their inventory management to ensure that they have the right products in stock, reorder in a timely manner, make informed decisions about which products to carry (or discontinue) based on popularity, reduce administrative workload, and improve overall operations. Our digital inventory management solutions streamline your inventory processes, boost efficiency and accuracy, and eliminate the need for paper workflows. 

Inventory Report

Product Details

Details product information with available filters such as 'in use' product type and manufacturer. 

Serial Number Overview

Details products with description, category, manufacturer, location, status and serial number.  

Inventory Overview

Shows a detailed overview of available products by location, manufacturer, region, or product type. 

Repair Orders

Shows all repair orders by location with detailed information on products and repair reasons. 

Marketing Reports

Understand the Success of Marketing Efforts with Campaign Reports

Auditdata’s marketing reports help audiology businesses measure progress, show campaign value, and identify proper steps to improve marketing performance.  Our marketing reports help you obtain important data, such as determining which marketing campaigns are generating leads and how well those leads are converting into buying customers. Based on that data, you can make any changes necessary to meet your goals and successfully grow your business.

Marketing Report

Get an Overview of Your Clinic's Performance Via Reports

Benchmark performance, identify areas for improvement, and gain insights on sales trends and key performance indicators like hearing aid trials and returns. Manage’s reports provide insight into a clinic’s efficiency and quality, helping hearing care professionals make decisions based on real data.

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Manage E-learning

Welcome to Our E-Learning Course on Reports in the Manage Software

We are delighted to present this comprehensive e-learning course aimed at providing an in-depth understanding of the features and functionalities of the Reports module within the Manage software. 

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All-In-One Practice Management Software for Hearing Clinics

Guided Activity Workflows

Streamline clinical operations with one-click access and standardized workflows, delivering consistent, high-quality care to your patients every time.

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Appointment Scheduling

Advanced resource scheduling capabilities optimize your resources, reduce no-shows and lost revenue, and make data-driven decisions to improve patient outcomes.

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Patient Management

Fast and efficient patient management system streamlines administrative tasks, allowing you to focus on providing the best care possible to your patients.

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Patient Engagement and Notifications

Utilize our notification feature to create appointment reminders, recalls, and follow-ups, increasing show-up rates and ensuring patients are reminded of important events.

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Enhance lead management, boost patient conversions, and enhance engagement with our intuitive lead screen and open API capabilities that enable you to integrate with your existing marketing systems.

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Clinical Activities and Data

Noah integration delivers valuable insights to drive informed business decisions and provides care and access measurement and fitting software online or offline.

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Optimize your billing and invoicing process, and reduce the time required to generate invoices, making it easier to track billing information. 

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Inventory, Stock and Repair Management

Easily manage inventory and stock with a comprehensive system including product catalog, supplier management, battery and service management, and more.

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Documentation and Audit Trail

Auditdata’s software includes an audit trail, ensuring full accountability and transparency around all changes made to your clinic’s records. 

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Security & Configuration

Our software is hosted on Microsoft Azure, and we are ISO certified, adhere to the highest global safety standards, and offer superior security features.

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Auditdata Manage's integrations with best-in-class systems and there is an Open API that allows for easy sharing of information, streamlined workflows, and improved quality of care in audiology.

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Our audiology patient management software offers a variety of reporting templates tailored to the key business aspects of retail hearing care.

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