Comprehensive Onboarding and Customization Services

Embark on your journey with our Standard Onboarding Package, tailored for an efficient, cost-effective start, or elevate your experience with our Additional Optional Services for deeper functionality and expertise. Choose the path that best fits your team's needs and unlock the full potential of your operations.

Standard Onboarding Package

This package is the perfect blend of thorough preparation and affordability, providing a cost-effective solution for integrating into daily operations with confidence and ease. A dedicated local customer success specialist will guide you through the default configuration setup, import your existing product catalog, and provide comprehensive training modules that delve into essential features and settings, equipping your team with the knowledge to utilize the system to its full potential.

Additional Optional Services

Dive deeper with advanced training tailored to new staff, customized configurations that go beyond standard setup, and data migration assistance. Benefit from integrations that allow our system to harmonize with your existing tools.. These services are designed to enhance your team's capabilities, ensure advanced customization, and support a higher level of technical synergy within your organization.
Configuration of Manage
Configuration Training with Customer 2 Hours of Training Included
Configuration Guide
Default Configuration
Import Your Product Catalogue 2 Hours Included
Configure Default Surveys COSI, Patient Medical History and Consent Surveys are included
Configure Customized Scheduling Settings Billed Hourly (1 hour/location)
Configure Customized Workflow Billed Hourly (1 hour/workflow)
Configure Customized Survey Billed Hourly (1 hour/survey)
HSP / NHS Reimbursement Configuration Billed Hourly
Data Import and Conversion Service
Import Noah Data to Bridge 1 Database Included - Max 4 hours.
Import Data From Sycle Billed Hourly
Import Data From Fitting Wizard Billed Hourly
Import Data From Other Sources Billed Hourly
Training for Manage
Assigned Local Customer Success Manager
Access to Free E-Learning Courses All courses below are included
Product Training 2 Hours of Training Included
Refresher Additional Trainings Billed Hourly
Integration Services for Manage
Bridge - Noah Integration
Financial Interface - Xero Billed Hourly (2 hours)
Financial Interface - Quickbooks Billed Hourly (2 hours)
SMS Service Handling via Twilio Billed Hourly (1 hour)
Hubspot CRM Billed Hourly (1 hour)
Facebook Ads Billed Hourly (1 hour)
Google Ads Billed Hourly (1 hour)
Support Services for Manage
Phone Support Business Hours We offer "following sun support" to ensure 24/7 support across different time zones.
Help Center – Knowledge Base - Video Tutorials, Articles and FAQ
Customer Success Engagement Program
Regular Check-ins with Customer Success Specialist
Performance Reviews
Feature Usage & Adoption
Release Walkthroughs
Customer Feedback Sessions

Explore The Onboarding Process

Auditdata’s extraordinary onboarding and support ensure that your entire team knows how to use our solution to optimize operations and maximize success. We’ll get you up and running, and we’re always available to configure, import of Noah data, troubleshoot, answer questions, and support you as you onboard and use our helpful solutions. 

Step 1

Kick-off Meeting

We start with a friendly kickoff meeting to set the stage for our journey together. Our team will meet with you to align your goals and expectations.

Introduction to Our Team: During the call, you will meet the people guiding you.

Learning Resources:
We give you access to e-learning modules, FAQs, and our help center.

Training Plans:
Together, we go through the customized training to get you up and running.


Step 2

Customizing Manage to Your Needs

We’ll carefully migrate your data from previous systems and integrate it with our Manage software. This step is all about setting up the system to fit your unique needs.

Seamless Data Migration: Hassle-free transfer of your existing data.

Custom Configuration: Tailoring the system to meet your specific requirements.

Operational Readiness: Ensuring everything is set for your team’s use.

Customizing Manage

Step 3

Finalizing and Testing

As we prepare the system for your use, we'll refine any new requirements, fix any issues, and rigorously test everything.

Data Conversion Tool Adjustments: Fine-tuning tools for your data needs.

Issue Resolution: Addressing and correcting any system concerns.

Admin Training and Go-Live Event: Comprehensive training and a celebratory launch with remote support.

Testing Manage

Step 4

Ongoing Support

After the system goes live, we ensure you receive continuous support and updates.

Transition Support
You will be taken care of by our Customer Success team moving forward.

Regular Updates and Check-Ins: Stay informed with system upgrades, feature updates, and quarterly calls.

Analytics and Communication: Insights into usage and ongoing engagement.

Customer Success

The Team Supporting You

Project Managers

Our Project Management team crafts the blueprint for your success. By outlining a clear scope of work and coordinating across teams, we lay the groundwork for a smooth transition, ensuring your expectations are met and exceeded. This is primarily for more significant projects that require coordination with development teams for custom needs. 

Implementation Specialists

Our experts handle the heavy lifting of data migration and system integration, ensuring your solutions are fine-tuned and ready to perform at their peak.

Customer Success Specialists

The Customer Success Team is dedicated to assisting you in setting up and using Manage effectively. They will provide comprehensive product training and support, starting from the initial launch (go-live) and continuing through any subsequent improvements and routine follow-ups. Our team is devoted to ensuring your success at every stage.

Support Managers

Our Support Team is dedicated to offering you exceptional assistance in navigating and utilizing Manage. They are ready to provide detailed guidance, troubleshooting help, and solutions to any challenges you may encounter. 

Streamlining Your Onboarding Experience With:

Data Import & Conversion

Whether you're transitioning from platforms like Noah, Manage 7, Aurora, Sycle, or Fitting Wizard, we've streamlined the import process for you. With our specialized add-on options, seamlessly migrate your invaluable data to Bridge, ensuring its integrity and accuracy. Additionally, benefit from our Simple Patient Mapping feature, simplifying your patient data transition and integration.

Manage E-learning

Tailored Online Training Programs

Enjoy complimentary access to our E-Learning courses. Whether seeking essential remote guidance or in-depth advanced training, we've curated various remote programs to meet your needs.

For those seeking a bespoke touch, our customized in-person training awaits, ensuring you derive maximum value. As you grow, we would like to consider our certification programs and the option to customize or transfer E-Learning modules, embodying our commitment to your continuous growth.

E Learning Manage

List of E-learning Courses Available

Customer Support

We are a global organization offering comprehensive worldwide support, professional services and training to all our customers. 

We’re here to help.

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