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Auditdata Manage is a cloud-based audiological platform featuring an open API for seamless data integration and sharing with partners. By utilizing Zapier, you can effortlessly connect Auditdata Manage with various other applications, from accounting and CRM systems to inventory and user management platforms. This eliminates redundant data entry, minimizes errors, and enhances overall operational efficiency. Together, Auditdata Manage and Zapier empower you to significantly improve both workflow efficiency and the quality of care in your audiology practice.

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Online Booking​

Seamlessly Update Appointments in Auditdata Manage: Integrate with platforms like online booking or CRM systems for automatic appointment updates, reducing manual input and boosting efficiency.

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Lead Management​

When a lead form is completed on social platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn, Zapier auto-imports the data into Auditdata Manage as a new prospect. This streamlined integration ensures easy capture of high-value leads, enabling better nurturing and conversion in your hearing care clinics.

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Customer Relationship Management

Utilize Zapier for seamless data syncing between Auditdata Manage and your CRM. Easily transfer patient info to your CRM for targeted marketing and personalized communications, like automated birthday wishes. Any CRM updates are auto-reflected in Auditdata Manage, ensuring data consistency and accuracy.

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SMS and Email Reminders

Elevate your messaging with Twilio's integration into Manage. Access advanced Email and SMS features for reminders and notifications, all through the Manage scheduler. Benefit from two-way communication, making appointment confirmations a breeze.


iPad Hearing Screener

Automatically convert Engage Hearing Screener results into Manage leads. Skip manual entry—get all necessary fields filled out automatically, streamlining lead generation for effective follow-up.

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ENT Sync

Maximize interoperability between Auditdata Manage and ENT clinics through our open API. Use Zapier to integrate seamlessly with essential ENT communication tools like secure messaging or EHR systems. Streamline communication and data sharing for improved patient care and admin efficiency.

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Sync Manage with accounting platforms like Xero or Quickbooks via Zapier. Automate invoice transfers for easy payment reconciliation and accurate records. Streamline financial tasks, gain real-time oversight, and boost business growth

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Procurement and Inbound Logistics​

Use Zapier to link Manage with your preferred apps. Automate the sharing of new or updated orders from Manage to connected systems like e-commerce or inventory platforms. Enjoy seamless order processing and inventory management.

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Use Zapier to connect Manage with your chosen payment gateway or financial system. Automate payment data transfer between Manage and external apps for synchronized, up-to-date financial records.

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Inventory Management

Sync Product Info with Auditdata Manage via Zapier: Integrate with platforms like e-commerce sites or ERP systems to automatically pull product details—names, descriptions, prices, and availability—from Auditdata Manage. Ensure consistent product data across all platforms for streamlined management in your hearing care clinics.

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Locations and Users​

Sync User Roles & Info Between Active Directory and Auditdata Manage via Zapier: Automate the update of user roles and details from AD to Auditdata Manage. Maintain consistent user data and permissions across systems for simplified management and enhanced security in your hearing care clinics

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Online and Offline Noah Data

Use Auditdata Noah Bridge integration to manage patient care and data, online or offline. Sync when you're back online and minimize errors. Fully Noah-compatible and hosted on secure, ISO-certified Azure.


Online Booking​

Revolutionize Your Scheduling: Sync and Streamline C-tone, Outlook and Google Appointments with Auditdata Manage

Elevate your scheduling efficiency with Auditdata Manage's integration with C-Tone, Google, and Outlook. This advanced solution enables seamless online booking and automatic synchronization of appointments across multiple platforms. It's tailored for professionals seeking streamlined appointment management, ensuring accuracy and reducing manual efforts. Perfectly blending with C-Tone, Google, and Outlook, it provides a unified, efficient scheduling experience.

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Lead Management​

Automate Your Lead Capture by Seamlessly Transfer Facebook and LinkedIn Leads to Auditdata Manage

When a lead form is filled out on social media platforms, such as Facebook or LinkedIn, Zapier can automatically harvest this lead data and import it into Auditdata Manage as a new prospect or lead. This seamless integration simplifies the lead acquisition process and guarantees that high-value leads from social channels are effortlessly funnelled into Auditdata Manage. This allows for more effective nurturing, monitoring, and conversion within your retail hearing care clinics.

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Customer Relationship Management

Sync, Market, and Personalize: Use Zapier for Flawless Auditdata Manage and CRM Integration

Utilize Zapier's powerful features to synchronize patient data between Auditdata Manage and your chosen CRM platform - like HubSpot. This integration not only facilitates the automated flow of data, but also enables effective customer relationship strategies, customized marketing efforts, and personalized communications, such as automated birthday wishes. Moreover, any changes or updates made in your CRM system, be it HubSpot or others, are automatically reflected back in Auditdata Manage. This ensures your data remains both consistent and accurate, streamlining your operations and enhancing customer engagement.

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SMS and Email Reminders

Supercharge Your Messaging with Twilio & Manage

Boost your communication effectiveness through our integration with Twilio. By effortlessly merging Twilio and Manage, you gain advanced Email and SMS capabilities for sending appointment reminders and notifications via the Manage scheduler. Enjoy two-way communication features that let customers confirm and interact with ease. Take your communication to new heights.

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iPad Hearing Screener

Streamline Lead Generation: Seamlessly Transfer Hearing Screener Results into Manage with Engage

Effortlessly turn your hearing screenings into actionable leads with our Engage Hearing Screener. This integrated solution allows you to automatically send all screener results directly into Manage as a lead, complete with all the required fields filled out. No more manual entry or data mismatch—just smooth, automated lead generation that lets you focus on customer engagement and follow-up. This ensures that your leads are not just warm, but red-hot and ready for the next steps in your sales pipeline.

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Patient Management

Easy ENT Clinic Sync: Integrate Auditdata Manage with EHRs and Messaging

The open Manage API further enhances interoperability between Auditdata Manage and ENT clinics or hospitals. Utilize Zapier to seamlessly integrate Auditdata Manage with commonly-used communication tools in ENT healthcare settings, such as secure messaging services or Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems. This facilitates smooth communication and data exchange, optimizing patient care and administrative efficiency.

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Unified Automation Across Sales, Procurement, and Financial Reconciliation

Utilize Zapier to effortlessly connect Auditdata Manage with essential platforms—from accounting software and inventory systems to payment gateways. This holistic integration ensures real-time data synchronization, simplifies workflows, and maximizes efficiency across various business processes.

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Sync Manage with your accounting software via Zapier for streamlined finances. When invoice is created in Manage, Zapier automatically sends it to your accounting system. This helps your accounting team easily reconcile payments and invoices, maintaining accurate records. Use Zapier's automated tasks for efficient invoice and payment management. Benefit from real-time oversight and a cohesive financial workflow between your accounting software and Manage. This integration simplifies financial control, reduces errors, and positions your business for growth.

Procurement/Inbound Logistics​

Utilize Zapier to integrate Manage with your desired applications.When an order is created or updated in Manage, Zapier can automatically send the order details to other connected applications, such as an e-commerce platform or inventory management system. This integration ensures seamless order processing, inventory updates, and fulfillment.


Utilize Zapier to integrate Manage with your preferred payment gateway or financial management system. This integration enables a seamless transfer of payment information between Manage and external applications. When a payment is made or received, Zapier can automatically update the payment details in Manage and synchronize it with your financial systems.


Comprehensive Data Synchronization for Inventory and User Management

Utilize Zapier to effortlessly integrate Auditdata Manage with your inventory systems and Active Directory. Zapier can pull product details, like names, descriptions, pricing, and availability, ensuring consistent product information across platforms, such as e-commerce websites or ERP systems. Additionally, any changes in user roles or information in Active Directory can be automatically synced with Auditdata Manage, maintaining uniformity in user roles, permissions, and details. This holistic approach enhances both inventory management and user security within your retail hearing care clinics.

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Inventory Management​

Retrieve product information from Auditdata Manage: Use Zapier to integrate Auditdata Manage with other applications or platforms that require access to your product information, such as e-commerce websites, ERP or inventory management systems. Zapier can retrieve product details such as names, descriptions, pricing, and availability from Auditdata Manage and make it available for use in the connected applications. This integration ensures that your product information remains consistent across platforms, enabling efficient management and synchronization of product data for your hearing care clinic(s).

Locations and Users

Synchronize user roles and user information between Active Directory (AD) and Auditdata Manage: Utilize Zapier to integrate Active Directory with Auditdata Manage. Whenever there is a change in user roles or user information in Active Directory, Zapier can automatically sync those updates with Auditdata Manage. This integration ensures that user roles, permissions, and user details remain consistent across systems, simplifying user management and improving security within your retail hearing care clinics by aligning user data with your Active Directory infrastructure.

Simplify Care and Data Sync with Auditdata's Noah Bridge Integration

With our Noah Bridge Integration, you can effortlessly manage patient care and fitting software, online or offline. Easily save data offline and sync it when you're back online. This ensures clinicians always have up-to-date information, reducing errors and downtime. Compatible with Noah, Bridge links Manage with your local NOAH modules and securely stores data on ISO-certified Azure.

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All-In-One Practice Management Software for Hearing Clinics

Guided Activity Workflows

Streamline clinical operations with one-click access and standardized workflows, delivering consistent, high-quality care to your patients every time.

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Appointment Scheduling

Advanced resource scheduling capabilities optimize your resources, reduce no-shows and lost revenue, and make data-driven decisions to improve patient outcomes.

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Patient Management

Fast and efficient patient management system streamlines administrative tasks, allowing you to focus on providing the best care possible to your patients.

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Patient Engagement and Notifications

Utilize our notification feature to create appointment reminders, recalls, and follow-ups, increasing show-up rates and ensuring patients are reminded of important events.

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Enhance lead management, boost patient conversions, and enhance engagement with our intuitive lead screen and open API capabilities that enable you to integrate with your existing marketing systems.

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Clinical Activities and Data

Noah integration delivers valuable insights to drive informed business decisions and provides care and access measurement and fitting software online or offline.

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Optimize your billing and invoicing process, and reduce the time required to generate invoices, making it easier to track billing information. 

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Inventory, Stock and Repair Management

Easily manage inventory and stock with a comprehensive system including product catalog, supplier management, battery and service management, and more.

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Documentation and Audit Trail

Auditdata’s software includes an audit trail, ensuring full accountability and transparency around all changes made to your clinic’s records. 

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Security & Configuration

Our software is hosted on Microsoft Azure, and we are ISO certified, adhere to the highest global safety standards, and offer superior security features.

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Auditdata Manage's integrations with best-in-class systems and there is an Open API that allows for easy sharing of information, streamlined workflows, and improved quality of care in audiology.

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Our audiology patient management software offers a variety of reporting templates tailored to the key business aspects of retail hearing care.

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Award-winning Software Enabling Integrated Operations for Streamlined Care

Manage integrates with best-in-class systems and uses an open API for easy sharing of information, streamlined workflows, and improved audiology care. Easily eliminate redundant data entry, minimize errors, and enhance overall operational efficiency in your operations to enable more tailored, timely care.