Clinic Management System for Hospitals

Clinic management made easier

Auditbase is the leading hospital IT solution for audiology in the Nordics, UK and Republic of Ireland with more than 650 hospital audiology clinics using Auditbase and +6000 users. The system was launched in 1993 focusing on working smarter in hospital audiology clinics. We started out very simple, but today have a fully integrated platform localized for the markets we operate in which integrates to audiological hardware solutions and NOAH. Download brochure.

Manage your audiology clinic with confidence

Increased workloads, the demands of reducing waiting lists and tightening health budgets all conspire to create high stress in public audiology clinics. Our clinic management solution helps optimize workflows and reduce wait times without compromising clinical care.

Optimise your clinic
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Tailored for audiology

We collaborate with our customers to ensure that our solutions meet their ongoing needs. This dedication to continuing partnership and development has allowed us to build solutions specifically tailored to the needs of a fast-moving public audiology clinic.

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Facilitating ENT, CI & Otology

Our dedicated modules provide an easier way for ENT Doctors, Cochlear Implant and Otology surgeons in the hospital to communicate with their Audiology teams, reducing wait times and costly miscommunications.

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Modular structure for extensive flexibility

Our system is completely modular, meaning that each clinic can choose the modules and integrations that they need. 

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Auditbase and Primus

Provide exceptional hospital care by combining Auditbase and Primus 

Auditdata’s clinic management solutions allow professionals within these clinics to work smarter and more efficiently. These solutions, including Auditbase and Primus Pro, help audiologists in hospital clinics provide exceptional care for their audiology patients and drive business growth.

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