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The backbone system to run and grow your audiology business

Auditdata Manage is a data-driven cloud-based practice management system built with and for private hearing care providers. Whether you’re operating a single outlet or multiple locations, it provides the best possible platform to manage your business operations, marketing and clinical tasks while offering you complete visibility of the data you need to make strategic decisions.

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Software that hits the sweet spot

Auditdata Manage is a platform that gives you an overview to reach your targets and eases the daily life of the hearing care professionals. With our practice management system, it is easy to set up your teams for success, keep your business in sync and support your audiological and operational functions. It is everything you need in one powerful package.

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Enhanced employee engagement and streamlined processes

Setting up workflows in our systems will support managers in rolling out initiatives and Hearing care professionals in optimizing and tracking their daily performance.

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Book more and better appointments with strategic resource planning

With a full overview of your schedule, you will able to prioritise and book more customer facing hours for your staff. Our practice management system offers a next-gen scheduler, that will guide you to optimise the way you utilise your employees, facilities and equipment. Unlike working with calendar bookings without understanding the underlying supporting activities, our scheduler helps you delegate tasks, block time and be mindful about exhausting your scarcest resources.

Operational Management
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Auditdata Manage is definitely for you! From your answers, it’s clear that Auditdata Manage would help you to manage your business operations, marketing and clinical tasks while treating your clients. Why not start straight away? Sign up today and start boosting your operations and sales.

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Convert more leads to hearing aid users

With Auditdata Manage, you get an exclusive tool to run your business end-to-end and stay in contact with your clients. You can connect and analyze client data on your management and communication platforms both with digital marketing, in shop communication, hearing screeners.

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Segment your audience

Auditdata Manage can help you segment your target audience, set up offerings, and track your performance.

Strengthen your marketing

Track your marketing campaigns directly from within the application.

Increase customer loyalty

Minimise customer acquisition costs and reduce customer churn using loyalty campaigns targeted your customer base.

Auditdata Discover | Add-on | BI analytics tool

Improve your commercial and clinical performance

Auditdata Discover is an add-on Business Intelligence (BI) tool to increase the output of your data in Manage.

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Track clients' data in real-time

Track real-time data and set up your KPIs for all employee levels and shops. Custom reports built by Auditdata for tailored organisational requirements.

Role-based access to reports

An easy-to-use report factory where you, from scratch or editing Auditdata standard reports can build customised reports.

Completely customizable reports

White-labelled branded reports to share across the company and customers. Master data management tool to make complicated data easily available .

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"Successful testing and fitting of hearing aids across different outlets, requires that staff follows predefined workflows and protocols. With Primus, we have a simple and centralized way of doing this. "

Jaume Anglada

Medical Product Manager, Amplifon Iberica, S.A.U.

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We have partnered with Microsoft to give you the most secure and accessible cloud service in the world. With multiple redundancy and strict security, you can rest assured that your information stays safe. Built with an open application programming interface, Auditdata Manage lets you share information across platforms and work with partners. Fully cloud-based means easy installation and updating. Onboarding of staff is also fast with a user-friendly experience and a short learning curve for clinicians.

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Are you ready to manage your business operations, marketing and clinical tasks?

Take our practice management system for a spin and learn how you can get insights to improve sales, operations and marketing.

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