What is Auto – Hughson Westlake?

Hughson Westlake protocol is an ascending technique of audiometry which is done using 5-dB steps. It is based on the thought that short tone bursts are better heard against a background of silence rather than a continuous tone separated by a short interval when the level is being changed. Developed in 1944 it was adapted in the 1960’s to be automated.

Watch video about Auto-Hughson Westlake test in Primus.

Why use Auto – Hughson Westlake?

It has been adapted to be automated within the Audiometric software so that clinicians can provide a “screening tool” for adult patients.

How to perform Auto – Hughson Westlake?

In the Primus software it is possible to add a test which indicates that the Automated version of Audiometry should be performed. In this instance the software will automatically begin the assessment, at the starting level dictated by the clinician, once the “Start” button is pressed. Throughout the test a response can only be scored as a “threshold” once the client has responded 2 out of 3 or 3 out of 5 times.

Necessary equipment

Our equipment is run by advanced software that lets you manage and optimize your clinical workflows based on data-driven insights.