Download Primus Software

Keep your system running as smoothly as possible by updating to the latest version of the Primus software.

Yes, I have a valid license

If you already have the Primus software and a valid licence file installed on your computer, you can easily update your software by installing the latest version. The update will automatically detect your license file and unlock all functionalities, leaving you with a full version and an updated, working installation.

No, I do not have a valid license

If you do not have a valid license file, you can still download the Primus software and test it. However, the functionalities will be limited.

Download Software

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Agile software development

The Primus software is developed using an agile project management method, which means we can react to customer and market needs quite fast. We issue typically two releases a year, some are mandatory and some are optional.

If you would like to learn about our each release, please go to our help center