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Determine the nature and severity of hearing loss using Pure-Tone Audiometry

Pure-tone audiometry is the test most often used by audiological services to determine the nature and severity of an individual’s hearing loss. Pure-tone audiometry is used to provide a baseline for all further tests and treatments as it is a useful indicator of functional hearing.

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Why use Pure Tone Audiometry?

Gold standard

Since its inception in 1909, it has been considered a “gold standard” test to be undertaken within a test battery.

Test older children and adults

This test is used predominantly with older children and Adult populations as its primary role is to determine the hearing acuity of the patient.

How to perform Pure Tone Audiometry?

Pure Tone Audiometry should be undertaken in a soundproof environment to obtain the most accurate responses across the speech frequencies. Responses to the assessment should be plotted accurately on the graph and interpreted by the clinician alongside current guidelines and recommendations. 

Pure Tone Audiometry can also be performed using a bone conductor to isolate a potential hearing issue.

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Necessary equipment

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