Auditdata Measure - Types of hearing tests

What is Quick-SIN?

The QuickSIN is a speech-in-noise test that quickly and easily measures the ability to hear in noise. Speech understanding in noise cannot be reliably predicted from the pure tone audiogram or other standard audiometric tests. The QuickSIN test should be used on all adult patients as part of the audiometric test battery.

Watch video about QuickSIN in Primus.

Why use Quick-SIN?

Difficulty with hearing in background noise is a common complaint among hearing aid users. Therefore, the measurement of SNR loss (signal-to-noise ratio loss) is important because a person's ability to understand speech in noise cannot be reliably predicted from the pure tone audiogram.

How to perform Quick-SIN??

A list of six sentences with five keywords per sentence is presented in four-talker babble noise. The sentences are presented at pre-recorded signal-to-noise ratios which decrease in 5-dB steps from 25 (very easy) to 0 (extremely difficult). The SNRs used are: 25, 20, 15, 10, 5 and 0, encompassing normal to severely impaired performance in noise.

Please Note: This test is only available in the English Language.

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