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What is Speech Audiometry?

Speech audiometry is performed to obtain an understanding of the client’s ability to discriminate speech sounds, detect speech noise, understand the signals being presented and recall the information presented.

Speech Audio Screen

Why use speech audiometry?

Performing Speech Audiometry assessments allows the Clinician to examine the ability of the client to understand speech stimuli. It assesses the client’s  full auditory pathway by demonstrating their processing capability and any impact that disorders of the middle ear, Cochlea, Auditory Nerve and Auditory Brainstem pathway. This is particularly relevant as most clients attend Audiological services as they are beginning to notice issues with their understanding of Speech and Speech In Noise (SIN).

How to perform speech audiometry?

Speech Audiometry can be performed using Speech Recognition (Reception) Threshold (SRT) or Speech Detection (awareness) Thresholds (SDTs). Advanced Speech Audiometry is undertaken using more complex test procedures including Speech In Noise tests. To help you perform Speech Audiometry, check out our online course that demonstrates the aspects of Speech Audiometry which Primus allows to be undertaken. Covered within the course is Speech Recognition Audiometry, Speech Detection Audiometry, Word Recognition Score, Quick SIN and how to perform these tests within Primus.


Speech Audiometry

Necessary equipment

Our equipment is run by advanced software that lets you manage and optimize your clinical workflows based on data-driven insights.