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Meet Team Europe

We’re delighted to introduce you to some of our amazing colleagues from the European team and tell you a bit about them, including their roles and backgrounds.

"Working at Auditdata is incredibly meaningful to me. I get to help end the stigma around hearing loss through better communication and consistent messaging. Knowing my work has a larger purpose is very motivating. I’m proud to be part of a team that’s constantly working towards transforming the perceptions of hearing impairment."


Caroline Hjuler

Digital Campaign Manager


Sebastian Wrona

VP of Sales EMEA
Sebastian leads our sales efforts across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. He is responsible for driving growth and building strong relationships with customers. Known for his cheerful personality and infectious positivity, Sebastian consistently brings a good mood to every interaction.


Emma Rytter Skovgaard

Head of Marketing & Customer Success
Emma leads both the marketing and customer success department. From the initial point of contact to nurturing long-term relationships, Emma’s initiatives ensure that our clients receive a seamless and enriching experience tailored to their needs.


Kamilla Theil Olsen

Director of Partner Sales
Kamilla is dedicated to building strong, meaningful relationships with our strategic partners worldwide. By understanding their goals and aligning them with ours, they play a key role in fostering collaboration and driving shared success.


Vasile Catan

Head of Inside Sales
Vasile focuses on ensuring hearing clinics worldwide receive tailored support and guidance in finding the right solutions for their needs. His role is pivotal in building strong relationships and delivering solutions that enhance their engagement with our services.

Teresa Wojczakowska 2

Teresa Wojczakowska

Customer Success Specialist
Teresa is dedicated to guiding and training customers, making sure every Auditdata client feels well-supported and confident. Her goal is to provide a seamless and effective experience for each customer with Auditdata.

Simon Raw (1)

Simon Ib Byberg

Partnership Manager
Simon excels at forging and nurturing Auditdata's strategic partnerships. With a sharp focus on collaborative success, Simon works closely with partners to understand their needs and align our resources to support their goals. 

Lia Vontavon

Lia Vontavon

Account Executive
Lia, our multilingual communicator, is fluent in German, Italian, and English. She primarily focuses on the EMEA region but also extends her expertise to North America. Her approach combines analytical thinking and creative problem-solving to deliver the best solutions, tailored specifically to meet the needs of our diverse clientele.


Yurii Malishenko

Product Manager - Manage
Yurii is involved in every phase of product development of Manage, from conceptualization to launch. He prioritizes user feedback and market trends to ensure our products not only meet but exceed customer expectations. His dedication to innovation and quality drives the continuous enhancement of our offerings, ensuring we deliver exceptional value to our users.

Nils Auditdata 2022 testimonial

Nils Westerlund

Product Manager - Measure
Nils brings a wealth of clinical and technical expertise to every client interaction, particularly at events where he excels in demonstrating the capabilities of Measure. His deep understanding of both the technology and the user experience ensures that he can effectively communicate the benefits and functionalities of our products, helping clients make informed decisions.

Spread Across the Globe

With over 30 nationalities represented, our team of 150+ dedicated professionals spans the globe, all united by one common goal: to improve the quality of life by enabling the best care experience for all.

USA & Canada

United States

Over the past years, we have focused on building a dedicated team in the USA to expertly serve our customers. Our local expertise in areas such as reimbursements and calibrations ensures that we meet the specific needs of the US market with precision and care.

Meet Team USA
Apac (1)

Australia & New Zealand

Our team is located in the APAC region to cater to the local needs of our customers in Australia and New Zealand. We have established a dedicated team committed to delivering exceptional care and support to our customers.

Meet Team APAC

Provide Best Care Experiences To Every Patient At Every Touchpoint

Learn how we supports hearing care professionals and patients across the entire customer journey, from early screening and detection through fitting and follow-ups.