Patient flow optimisation

You are under pressure, we know we can help

The demands of reducing waiting lists combined with tight budgets are increasing pressure on Public Audiology across the world. Increased workloads and decreasing resources increase the stress of the job. Do you often feel that waiting lists run your audiology clinic?

When every minute counts, our clinic management solution will help you to manage your Patients better,  optimise your workflows and reduce your waiting lists, all without compromising your clinical care.

Streamline your workflow

As an audiologist working in public sector audiology, you most likely have many patients to see every day. So every minute counts as you go about your daily tasks. You need a clinic management solution that streamlines your workflow and seamlessly handles the patient flow. That is what Auditbase does.

Easy patient administration

Patient administration is simple with Auditbase; you can find Client information quickly with simple but powerful search functions. Search on criteria such as a patient identifier number, surname, age, date of birth and so on. The system allows you to record extended demographics and any additional particular information relevant to you and the patient.

Fast access to data anywhere

We store all of your data in a central database, so you and your colleagues always have access to the same data. If you need to go mobile, your data can be transferred to laptops if required and then synchronised back to the central database later. That comes in handy if you do home visits. You can also export your data to other systems.

Seamless integration with other hospital systems

Auditbase offers seamless and deep integration with other hospital systems which gives you a full understanding of the Patient sitting in front of you. By linking to other departments at the hospital, you can ensure the complete overview of the patient’s journey beyond audiology appointments. The patient’s data becomes transparent, and you will be able to see the full history across hospital departments.

Fully customisable, highly secure

No audiology clinic has the same work procedures. Auditbase comes with an extensive administration tool that helps you tailor the system to your needs. You can organise users by roles according to their function, and you can quickly configure each role to include the correct rights and setups. Each module has configurable settings either per workstation or location, so users can only access what they need to based on the rights assigned to them.

Convenient navigation

User experience is critical for any software, we have made Auditbase easy to navigate. However, we know that each clinic and use case is individual so you can configure the navigation pane to suit your needs, so users only see what they need to. You can change that configuration by user, role or location. You can also add favourite modules to the top of the pane and hide the navigation pane when it is not needed.

Optimise your clinic

Worried about time management

Are you unsure of just how well time is spent in your clinic? Do you think that there may be improvements that could help? Well, then we have the solution for you.

Optimising for success

To run a successful audiology clinic, you need to know what works well and what doesn’t so you can change it. Our built-in data analysis gives you all the information you need to find out what you are doing well and to optimise what you are not.

Running your audiology clinic successfully

As a Head of Audiology or a part of the management team, you need visibility of all the information to run an audiology clinic successfully. While handling the daily operational needs smoothly is critical, a broader focus on the overall management of resources and performance is imperative. Auditbase can help you with that.

Full user and management reporting

Auditbase includes a number of standard user and management reports that target the support of daily operational needs as well as helping you to ensure full resource and throughput management. Use our reporting to keep track of performance and day-to-day operations so you can optimise your audiology clinic.

Multi-purpose reporting

You can use the reports in Auditbase to meet government requirements for reporting. You can handle both local or multiple clinics, and you can create new report templates with for example Crystal Report. If you need help setting up new reports, we can offer support and training.

Total flexibility to meet your needs

Looking for a system that meets all your needs without bloat? We know we can help

Every Audiology Clinic is unique; we believe that a clinical management system should meet their individual needs. So, we made sure that ours does!

Most audiology clinics are not the same, different services, different locations, different processes, so neither are their needs for a clinic management system. We have divided Auditbase into modules with varying specialities so that you can put together a system that meets your requirements.

Multi-purpose reporting

You can use the reports in Auditbase to meet government requirements for reporting. You can handle both local or multiple clinics, and you can create new report templates with for example Crystal Report. If you need help setting up new reports, we can offer support and training.


With over 25 different modules to choose from, you have the ultimate freedom to build what you need. Our continuous collaboration with our customers ensures that we are continually developing and changing modules to suit their needs. As our customer range has grown, so has Auditbase. We continuously strive to cater for all our customers’ needs in Auditbase, and you can now choose from more than 25 modules. That means, depending on your needs, you can build the system that works best for you.

Flexible patient treatment

You want to provide your patients with the best possible care. Sometimes, that means being able to cater to all their differences. The modules in Auditbase are developed to support you in giving the patient the best possible treatment. Register everything you need to know about the patient in the Client information, Journal, Individual Management Plan and Paediatric modules.

Audiology specialities

When it comes to registering specific audiology data, Auditbase is the expert. You can work with advanced audiogram data, tympanometry, ABR/OAE results, graphical speech and so much more. We are the industry standard for a reason.

Keeping track of patients

Auditbase gives you advanced functions to administer waiting lists and referrals all in one place. The Booking module provides you with the overview you need for multiple resources and clinics.

Making sure your Patients attend

Increasing appointment compliance is vital within Public Health, as an add-on, you can use the SMS service to remind your patients about appointments – a service that delivers benefit to both you and your patients. Day view and Check-in are modules that will help you keep the overview of patients during the day.

Meeting All Your Needs

Want functions that can help keep track of your inventory and repairs? Auditbase has them. Want help with research and surveys? Auditbase can. Want a more straightforward way of handling internal tasks? Auditbase got it. Want to connect with other departments, otology surgery, cochlear implants or others? In Auditbase, you can, and the list goes on!

Implant and Otology surgery

Would you like a fast way for Cochlear Implant and Otology surgeons in the hospital to communicate with Audiology? Do you need a place to collect Implant and Otology data? We have made it easy for Audiology to connect with Implant and Otology surgery teams and included all the specialist features you need.

Designed with users for users

When users first came to us with their requirements for specialist Implant and Otology features, we decided that no one would be better at helping us design these modules than the actual users. So we teamed up with experts in Cochlear Implant surgery and Otology surgery from the UK and Scandinavia, and together we developed two expert modules that can handle all the specialist data required for surgeons within Cochlear Implants and Otology.

Expert Implant and Otology functionality

Auditbase has two separate modules for surgery teams, one developed for Cochlear Implant teams and one aimed at Otology surgery teams. Both modules tie together the specialist Implant and Otology surgery pathways into Auditbase. They ensure a clear visualisation all through the treatment pathway from Audiology to surgery and back.

The surgery modules include:

  • Specialist screens to hold pre, per and post-operative essential data
  • Linked audiogram information with diagnostic tools
  • Reporting on the patient population

Easy overview of tasks

Workflows in Auditbase will help you decide which information you collect when. We have also included recommended functions in the workflows, so you can quickly move on to the next task. The navigation pane gives you a quick overview of both undertaken tasks and open tasks for a fast overview of the treatment journey.

Solutions for ENT doctors & associated hearing care professionals

Would you like a fast way for Cochlear Implant and Otology surgeons in the hospital to communicate with Are you an ENT doctor or other hearing care professional who needs to gain access to patient data from an audiology clinic? Your job is difficult enough, without trying to get information from different systems. Auditbase caters for your needs with the Auditbase Viewer.

Connecting audiology and associated professionals

As an ENT doctor, teacher of the hearing impaired or a Hearing Therapist, it can be beneficial to gain access to some of Auditbase’s functions, see the client data from Auditbase and communicate with the audiology clinic electronically. We have made that possible in the Auditbase Viewer.

Get the complete picture with the Auditbase Viewer

ENT and audiology are closely linked. However, they are still two very different areas. Patients are often sent from one department to another, which means there is a need for the client data to be transferred.

If the audiology clinic runs Auditbase, the ENT department can access their data with Auditbase Viewer. Auditbase Viewer allows you to view and print client data from Auditbase, giving you a complete overview of the patient’s treatment journey.

Assign tasks to audiology

You can ease the communication flow even more by sending electronic tasks to the audiology department. It could be a request to examine something for a specific client or notifying the audiology department that a patient requiring an urgent assessment is on her way.

All meant to make the lives easier for both the ENT department and the audiology clinic

Are you looking for integrated testing and fitting?

Your job is hard enough without having to switch between different software packages that offer disjointed data collection. We understand that integrating your fitting and testing equipment with your clinic management system is essential to make your job easier. Auditbase can incorporate any Noah compatible testing and fitting equipment, delivering a seamless workflow with no double entry.

Seamless integration with testing & fitting equipment

The seamless integration of Auditbase with Noah means wholly integrated testing and fitting. More importantly, it means that all of your clinical data is to hand automatically in your clinic management system.

One-click access to testing and fitting modules 

With one click, you can access your testing or fitting modules and perform your work as usual in those modules. We then store the data from your session in Auditbase. Auditbase provides integration to both fitting modules and the standard measurement equipment on the market.

Primus Fitting System – completely integrated measurement panel

Our Primus Pro system offers you even faster workflows. Working with Primus allows you to open a measurement panel directly in Auditbase and carry out your measurements from there. You will have complete integration with your measurement equipment and save valuable time in the process.

Seamless and complete Noah integration

Sick of switching between your patient management system & Noah? Why don’t you try a seamless, integrated option?

For an optimised workflow, you need a seamless experience in front of the computer. Auditbase supports a direct integration to Noah and lets you focus on other tasks.

The Standard in Clinical Management

Noah is the standard in clinical management in the audiology industry. From the beginning, we knew that seamless integration with Noah was the best route for our customers. Auditbase was one of the first patient management systems to achieve the Noah certification.

The Standard in Patient Management

As Noah has evolved, we have continuously worked to ensure that Auditbase continues to remain the best option available for patient management. When you pick Auditbase, you are choosing the standard for patient management.

20 Years of Working with Noah

Most hearing care professionals are dependent on Noah in their daily work tasks. When you partner with Auditdata, you get 20 years of experience integrating clinic management software with Noah. We like to say that we are world champions in Noah – and our long history of successfully working with Noah compliant products proves it.

You get a seamless experience with full Noah interface in Auditbase.

Want to know more?

If you are still not certain about how a clinic management system like Auditbase can help you streamline your clinic – whether it entails one or multiple clinics – you can find out more about Auditbase here. If you are more interested in the technical specifications, please check out our Auditbase product pages.

Still not convinced? Then get in touch and experience Auditbase for yourself.

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