Screener in Auditbase

Improve hearing screenings with Auditbase Screener

Auditbase has a hearing screener tool that facilitates running screenings, integrating patient management to make the process fast, easy, and accurate. This new solution stores patients’ screening results and makes it easy to follow up with patients that need more comprehensive hearing examinations based on the results of their screenings. It can connect to other systems, such as scheduling, to streamline the clinic process and make it more efficient.

Auditbase Screening Unit

Offers valuable and user-friendly features

Auditbase’s Screener has been designed with feedback from Auditdata customers, who have explained what would help them streamline their daily tasks. The features help screening teams work smarter and more efficiently.

Instrument support

Supports all the well-known instrument interfaces from full-use Auditbase except for speech audiometry. The NOAH Engine software package can be installed and used along with the Screener to support NOAH-based instruments.

Data sharing and integration

Supports many of the optional Auditbase integration solutions, including client demographics, referrals, appointments, and document submission. Use an appointment interface to get new clients and their appointments into your screener system. Use a PAS-link integration to obtain client demographics automatically when entering new clients’ social security numbers.

Clinic management workflow

Manage your entire patient screening journey.  Alternatively, launch the Screener from your existing PMS using command line parameters. This will enable you to have fast access to the Auditbase Screener with auto-selection of the client and user.

Full Auditbase compatibility

Stores information in its database in regular Auditbase format. This enables you to combine your screener license with a regular full-use license to easily share your data with an existing Auditbase hospital system.

Easy navigation and customization

Comes with a simple, easy-to-use navigation pane that can be customized to your clinic’s preferences.

Additional modules

Clinics can purchase any additional licensable module at any time. This means that you can start with the Auditbase Screener and gradually add modules and solutions to leverage more valuable features.

How to use the screener?

The Auditbase Screener is an exceptional hearing screening solution for community health services, military services, schools’ services, and audiology clinics. Auditbase’s Screener makes it simple for healthcare professionals to:

  • Register the patient and conduct a hearing screening
  • Design your own questionnaires
  • Create client lists for client registration, further assessment, or onwards referrals
  • Use the documents and attachments feature to create templates for your letters and other written communication.
  • Leverage the user reports module to do statistics and to run extraction reports
  • Use advanced audiometry features such as tymp measurements and audiogram comparison.

Auditbase allows community screening locations to integrate seamlessly with the hospitals, so when patients are referred to the hospital’s audiologists, their records and screening results can be easily, accurately and securely transferred.

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