AuditbaseĀ Check-in

With Auditbase Check-in, - patients simply register on a touch screen upon arrival, reducing registration times with no need for administration staff to be involved.

AB Check In Mockup (1)

Quick registration of patients

Save your administration staff valuable time by using a touch screen for self-registration. The Auditbase Check-in program runs on the touch screen, while sending and receiving data from Auditbase.

When patients arrive for an appointment, they are met with a touch screen welcoming them to the clinic and guiding them through a short, easy registration process. Auditbase recognizes the patient and sends a notification of their arrival to the Booking module.

Instant notifications for a faster patient flow

The audiology staff is notified on screen instantly when a patient arrives, allowing staff to prepare and start the appointment quicker.

Easy navigation for everyone

Auditbase Check-in features intuitive, easy-to-use screens optimized for the visually impaired. Speech guidance can also be activated for all screens.

A configurable system

Auditbase can be easily configured based on how much information the patient needs to enter. On-screen text can also be configured to match your businessā€™s brand and tone of voice.