Location handling

To simplify and speed up navigation in the system, set up user-defined elements, such as appointment symbols or stock types, as belonging to a specific location with Location and Department filtering.

Physical places or teams of users

Filtering can be made both on Locations, physical places, and/or on Departments, and anything that should be logically grouped, such as symbols, letters, and waiting lists. A Paediatric Department, for instance, could include the symbols for paediatric clinics/appointments, the letters for paediatric clients and waiting lists in use. That department can work across more than one hospital. Then AuditBase users specialising in the paediatric service and working at, for instance, St Mary’s Hospital can set their default filtering Department as ‘Paediatric’ and default Location as ‘St Mary’s Hospital’. PCs that are generally used in the paediatric service at St Mary’s can be set to the default Location of ‘St Mary’s and the Department of ‘Paediatric’.

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