Advanced audiometry

The Auditbase audiogram module offers the advanced features and functionalities needed in today’s professional clinical settings.

4698X3132 Adv Aud1 (6)

Advanced data handling

The audiogram module handles pure tone audiometry, graphical speech, high frequency and children’s audiometry. Features such as aggravation curves, masking levels, auto-connection of unmasked and masked thresholds, HL and SPL representation, extended range etc. are included. 

Definable settings for increased usability

Customize features to your liking, including:

  • User-configurable threshold symbols and line drawing
  • Audiograms viewable in split or large mode
  • Stored audiograms that can be placed on top of each other for inspection.

Interface with standard instrumentation

Auditbase interfaces easily with most standard measuring instruments, including: Audiometers and impedance instruments for reflex and tympanogram measurements Equipment from leading manufacturers, allowing you to do measurements without having to open the fitting module Full interface to the NOAH Engine AudiLink interface for direct connection to equipment supported by a certified AudiLink driver Full integration with the Primus Fitting System including an Auditbase-Primus control panel.

Analyze measurement data

Measurement data are transferred from the instrument and stored in the database for further analysis.