Client Information

The client information screen gives an overview of the client’s personal data and allows you to search for clients via function keys.

Client Information 4698X3132

Central client database

Auditbase has a central client case record database in which all data concerning the client is stored, including:

  • Basic client information like name, client number, birthday, ID numbers (such as National Health Security number in the UK)
  • Address, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses
  • Medical information such as referring physician, and medical background
  • Audiograms and other hearing test results transferred directly from Noah-compatible measurement modules

Easy accessibility

  • Find client information easily via a simple search on the client’s last name, or using more complex search criteria, such as a hearing aid serial number. Retrieve data instantly from any computer in the network, even at an off-site location
  • Hearing aid fitting data is stored by Noah-compatible fitting modules
  • Access complete history of chart notes, appointments, purchases, repairs and other activities performed with or for the client
  • Retrieve and send patient data to other hospital systems using off-the-shelf or customized integrations