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Hear Right Canada found an audiology solution with robust features, technology, reporting & support

Hear Right Canada provides high-quality hearing care, treatment, and rehabilitation of hearing loss. They are a complete hearing care provider with experienced audiologists, hearing instrument specialists, innovative technologies, full testing, fittings, and hearing aid aftercare. This Canadian-based organization started with one location in 2009, and has expanded rapidly ever since, doubling their locations over the past three years! Now, they have 40 locations across three provinces – Ontario, Alberta, and Nova Scotia – with four new locations opening soon.

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"One of the biggest benefits we’ve found is having information stored in the cloud, so we can access it from all locations. With Auditdata’s solutions, our employees can log in from home to reschedule appointments if we need to close any clinics due to weather or any other reason."

Sylvia Tavares, Clinic Operations Manager

Hear Right Canada

As Hear Right Canada grew, they needed a holistic solution with more features, technology, reporting, and support. The growth – and subsequent needs – of the company drove the change from their previous Practice Management Software (PMS) to Aurora, a Practice Management Software provided by Simply Hearing, in 2015.

When Simply Hearing was acquired by Auditdata in 2017, Hear Right Canada continued the collaboration. Until now, they have successfully been using Auditdata’s Practice Management Software, Aurora.

To understand how Hear Right Canada was using our software, we interviewed Sylvia Tavares, the company’s Clinic Operations Manager, who joined the company several years ago, and sees an improvement from the systems she used at her former company.

Tavares explained that Aurora provides a variety of Practice Management s benefits. Due to Hear Right Canada’s ongoing, rapid growth – and subsequent needs for a more complete Practice Management software – they are conducting a trial of the new version, Auditdata Manage, in three locations for three months to get a feel for it. They've always been very pleased with Auditdata’s solutions, as well as the exceptional service, professionalism, support, quick response time and other services that Auditdata provides, and they’re considering a transition to Manage to elevate their organizational processes with its additional features.


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Their internal call center team is still using their separate software and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Call center leads get hooked into the Practice Management Software in Lead Management, which is where the call center team pulls them to book on the calendar. 

Additionally, Hear Right Canada has used the system to measure how every clinic is performing to get good insights on operations, clinic performance, staff performance and other key KPIs. The Reports that can be exported from the Practice Management Software provides valuable data so they can make more informed business decisions accordingly. Every month, they run reports to determine how many appointments they had in each clinic, and what type of appointments they were: e.g., new vs. repeat customers. They can also measure and track important metrics, such as client retention, delivered revenue, potential revenue, confidential target geographies, etc. 

Finally, having a centralized, cloud-based software is also very important to their practice, according to Tavares. “One of the biggest benefits we’ve found is having information stored in the cloud, so we can access it from all locations. In Canada, we often have snow and ice storms. With Auditdata’s solutions, our employees can log in from home to reschedule appointments if we need to close any clinics due to weather or any other reason.”

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During their trial period, they will spend most of their time on the 3 following features:

Appointment scheduling – This new scheduling tool would provide a much better, real-time overview of the company’s resources and determine how well they are being utilized. This centralized, easily accessible, cloud-based tool can handle their 40+ busy clinics’ schedules and keep all employees updated in real-time. Their busy clinics need to carefully schedule appointments, time blocks and holds for fittings. Manage also generates automatic appointment reminders for customers, with texts, emails, and calls to boost show up rates, which Tavares says would be a big advantage for their hearing clinics.

Noah/Bridge – Since they have so many locations all over the country, the Hear Right Canada team needs to be able to access data from anywhere, at any given point in time. This feature would also help them stay as productive and efficient as possible during home visits and on-site appointments at nursing homes. Having a cloud-based solution makes it much more streamlined for audiologists to access and capture information while working out of the office.

📍 Inventory Management - Hear Right employees must carefully track inventory across all locations. This means keeping a record of all devices and accessories, knowing exactly what they have, and what they need to order. Tavares said this important process is much more efficient and accurate using Auditdata’s tools.

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As Hear Right Canada plans to expand, they’ll prioritize grassroots efforts to target prospective new customers, such as participating in community events like health and wellness shows, visiting local pharmacies for screenings, and asking local doctors for referrals. As they acquire new leads, they’ll be able to use Auditdata’s solutions to add and track them, making it easier and more streamlined for them to convert these leads into customers, then track each customer throughout their entire journey. This seamless communication management solution helps boost the customer experience, leading to increased loyalty and retention.

Hear Right Canada favors integrated solutions with an easy, connected flow, which is what they’re experiencing (and enjoying) with Auditdata’s solutions. In fact, Hear Right Canada finds this software to be essential to elevating their business workflows and processes. Not only do they enjoy the comprehensive features, but they feel completely supported by the Auditdata team, with great onboarding, troubleshooting, and immediate answers to their questions. If your hearing care business wants to streamline workflows, improve scheduling, elevate reporting, simplify inventory, and track important metrics, contact us for more information.

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