Auditdata and Zoolstra Partner to Support Audiology Clinics in the Battle Against Hearing Loss


Copenhagen, Denmark, February 27, 2024 – Auditdata, a global innovator in solutions for hearing healthcare, has partnered with Zoolstra, an effective marketing consultancy company specifically for audiology clinics, to help hearing care professionals improve their marketing efforts, increase lead generation, and maximize traffic and sales. Together, the organizations will provide valuable resources – including webinars, podcasts, guides, and more – to help audiology practices succeed. 

"With this partnership, Auditdata and Zoolstra will help hearing care professionals improve their marketing efforts and, as a result, dramatically increase their lead generation, pre-qualifications, bookings, traffic, and sales. We’ll offer industry-specific information about how to properly market hearing practices, reduce the stigma around hearing aids, raise awareness about hearing health, and help hearing practices boost key metrics, like traffic, conversions, and sales. Our collaboration will create tremendous value for hearing care professionals worldwide."

Emma Small

Emma Rytter Skovgaard

Marketing Director at Auditdata

“We’re excited to offer a series of webinars, podcasts, and thought-leadership materials where we deep dive into marketing tools and campaigns, explain how to streamline lead-to-patient processes, and provide best-practice advice to enhance the overall quality of hearing care,” Emma continued.

“We’re also going to discuss industry trends, including the addition of over-the-counter hearing aids, how to effectively market your audiology practice to younger audiences, and more. Zoolstra offers valuable knowledge as audiology marketing specialists, and Auditdata can help with the tooling and tracking. It’s a perfect match.” 

Zoolstra X Auditdata

"At Zoolstra, our experts have extensive knowledge about the audiology market, working extensively with hearing care professionals to optimize their marketing efforts. This new partnership with Auditdata allows us to reach more hearing care professionals, providing them with winning solutions to generate high quality leads, get more prospects in the door, and increase sales, conversions and revenue."

Todd Zolstra Small

Todd Dean

Founder & Head of Partner Acquisition

“The key to successfully improving these important lead gen metrics starts with an effective marketing strategy, and we show hearing care professionals exactly what to do. Our unique approach is a game-changer – and we have the statistics, case studies, and happy customers to prove it" said Todd Dean.

About Zoolstra

Zoolstra offers the most ruthlessly effective marketing system created for audiology clinics. In the first 90 days of using Zoolstra’s system, the average audiology partner achieves an average of 42 new incoming calls per month, $53K in new patient revenue, and a 42% increase in conversions. Zoolstra guarantees that hearing clinics will get at least five new patients per month, or they’ll cover 10% of the clinic’s marketing and advertising fees. 

About Auditdata

Auditdata enables hearing care professionals, clinics, and hospitals to dispense the best care for their patients through data-driven software, hardware, and services that improve operational efficiency and enrich the patient-provider relationship.  

Since 1992, Auditdata has connected the customer journey and provided professionals with the tools and insights needed to enhance treatment at every touchpoint. Whether elevating accuracy in clinical testing or empowering better conversations with patients—Auditdata solutions enable the knowledge and compassion that make the difference across the pre-clinic, in-clinic, and aftercare journey. 

More than 430 million people deal with hearing impairment, yet only 20% of affected individuals wear hearing aids. Auditdata aims to close the gap of untreated hearing disabilities by working closely together with hearing care professionals worldwide to improve the care experience for everyone facing hearing impairment—from early detection to aftercare. 

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