Driving Customer Experience with Intelligent Communication

In the last article, we touched upon your communication strategy while discussing the customer journey. Both of these concepts are important to create your customer experience.

Of course, customer experience is more than just appointments and personalized mailings, and we will look at the overall customer experience later. However, those elements are significant contributory factors to the whole customer experience.

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Using a Smart Communication Strategy

With the looming changes in hearing healthcare and the probability of new types of products entering the market, an intelligent communication strategy is all the more critical. If you decide to provide Over the Counter hearing aids or any of the new hearables, you will also need to consider your communication strategy and objectives for those customers.

Inspirational communications

We coined the term inspirational communications in the hope that it would change the mindset around marketing activities. Traditional ideas around database marketing in hearing healthcare can be summed up as four-year look what’s new letters.

They are by no means inspiring, and they can be met with resistance by the customer. The perception by the customer is that the value in that type of communication is with the business.

However, many now accept that intelligent communications with a customer can help to drive the customer experience and you should, therefore, look at all your customer messages through the prism of marketing.

Operational & inspirational messages

Any communication strategy must be made up of both operations communications (call back letters and any operational messages) and inspirational contacts (on-boarding messages and marketing messages). While you need to customise your communication strategy to fit your business needs, to drive the customer experience, you also need to consider the needs of the consumer.

Operational communications that fit the customer journey

Not every hearing healthcare business calls their traditional hearing aid customers back every six months. So, your operations communications will be based on the customer journey that you offer. In essence, these are simple communications for appointments and notifications of the ending of warranties.

Inspirational communications that drive customer experience

The focus of inspirational messages is different, these types of communications should be used to drive a deeper relationship with the customer. These are messages of value with relevance to the customer and where they find themselves in the journey. What will those messages consist of and when should they happen?

We mentioned on-boarding communications earlier; onboarding communications can consist of consumer-focused messages during the early period of hearing aid adoption. They can be as simple as printouts from a hearing aid manufacturer’s fitting software detailing the programs on the hearing aid and simple handling instructions.

They can also include a branded note taking booklet designed to help customers keep records on their experiences during the initial phases and beyond. They could be SMS or email messages scheduled to arrive over the first fourteen days to encourage and reassure the customer in the wearing of their new hearing aids.
In fact, onboarding inspirational messages can start long before a prospect becomes a customer. You could consider delivering onboarding messages to candidates before the initial consultation. Communications like:

  • How hearing loss works
  • What to expect at your hearing test
  • How hearing aids work
  • Choosing the right hearing aid technology for you and why it matters

Adding value for the customer

Communications like this, at the right time, add value for the consumer. The key to all conversations that help you drive the customer experience is they need to be valued. While they need to be valuable to you, more importantly, they need to be relevant to the consumer. Relevance is an essential factor, that’s why a deeper understanding of your database through proper segmentation is vital.

A customer who has just purchased a set of hearing aids will not find details of new technology relevant, probably more of an annoyance. A customer who bought devices four years ago may find relevance in communication about changing technology. They may not, however, that is generally how most businesses have worked up to now. It may be that you should consider how you frame that message.

Perhaps it would be better to focus on more general changes in hearing aid technology trends than specific platforms or hearing aids. Even a user who purchased one year ago might see that type of technology update newsletter as informational as opposed to sales focused. In this way, you are providing inspirational information rather than the typical marketing communication we rely on now.

Communication strategy in the age of OTC

With the concept of OTC in mind, what operational or inspirational contacts will you make to those customers? A clear communication strategy with those customers is as relevant to your business success as any strategy for dealing with your more traditional hearing aid customers. So, it is essential that you consider what you will do.

At Auditdata we see our mission to investigate the needs of our customers and design features in our system to meet those needs. A part of this process is regularly examining industry-wide practices and asking the question can it be done better?

At Auditdata we have built features within Strato that allow you to create templates for your communications. Those templates can then be used to facilitate emails, SMS messages and mail merge campaigns. Using our powerful filter search feature, you can easily define your target audience and deliver your message at the right time, to the right people.

The customer experience and journey are imperative to continued retention and referral. We believe that our feature set and constant development journey will help you deliver excellent customer experience. If you retain your customer and they provide you with just one new customer, you should see your strategy as a great success.

We hope that our features will help you with that success.

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