Why shaping the customer journey is key to customer experience?

Patient or customer experience is crucial for continued business success. Customers have become more sophisticated; they research more and cover many more touch-points before doing business with a company.

Consider what journey you will offer your Customers.

How many appointments?

The Strato feature allows you to setup customized workflows for each client session.

Article communication strategy

It all adds up to more initial work to acquire a customer and consistent action to keep them. Keeping them is key to the business’s ongoing success. Modern hearing healthcare businesses need to adapt their planned customer engagement and customer journey to reflect that.

Customer engagement is critical to customer retention

Your ongoing customer engagement strategy is the foundation of your long-term customer retention and referral strategy. Any customer who will be happy to make a second purchase from you will be comfortable enough to refer someone to you.

In this way, your existing customers can be your cheapest lead generation tools. A word of mouth referral is usually a qualified lead who realises that they have an issue. Not only that, someone has informed them that you are the answer to his or her problems.

Viewed through this prism, you realise that customer experience and the journey is both a retention strategy and a marketing strategy. With this in mind, any money, time or services that you invest in your existing customers, is money better spent than any other marketing channel.

What journey will you offer?

You need to consider what journey you will offer your customers and what that journey will contain. How many appointments and what exactly will those appointments consist of to ensure your overall strategy. Once you have done that, it is critical that you replicate that journey across all of your outlets and professionals.

At Auditdata we understand implicitly that modern hearing healthcare practices need to consider customer journey from both a clinical and commercial viewpoint. We also appreciate that it should be easy for any hearing healthcare business to ensure there is a consistent journey used across their enterprise.

Workflows to make your work, flow

We have built a feature into Strato which allows you to set up workflows containing the tasks that should be carried out for each client session. You can define the name used to refer to the meeting and all of the activities you want to take place in that session.

These defined workflows can be set up for individual professionals or across all of your outlets depending on your needs. Doing so allows you to design both the best workflows and customer journeys to meet both your clinical and commercial needs.

It also allows you to control and test different customer journeys. Designed workflows and customer journeys ensure that the individual customer experience is a good one across your business.

A designed customer journey allows you to maximize Patient engagement and gives you maximum opportunity to shape and enforce a customer’s perception of your business. Developing your customer journey will also enable you to create your communication strategy.

Structured communications and value

Well planned communications are as much a part of good customer experience as physical touch-point’s. It will allow you to design communications of value for a customer.

Communication of value to the customer is crucial, contacts without perceived value are merely an annoyance. The introduction and understanding of a designed customer journey allow you to deliver communications that are understood to have real value for them.

A defined customer journey and communication strategy will allow you to maintain your customer engagement and keeps you always in their minds. It is core to the customer experience that you drive. Strato can help you to both define that journey and undertake your communications with ease.

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