Smart calibration service support

The magic lies in the simplicity. With Auditdata SWAP service we ship calibrated transducers to you well in advance of the due date of the old ones. You plug in the new transducers, and you are ready for your next client without any interruption. You return the expired transducers and experience no downtime at all.

How does it work?
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Calibration stored in the transducer plug

Our innovative system stores the calibration information in the plug. Which means all you have to do to get your system calibrated is to plug in a new set of earphones or probes, no hassle, no downtime. And your 12-month activation date begins the day you active the transducer in your Primus software.

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Keep the overview

With Auditdata Asset Management cloud service you can keep an overview of all your transducers and their calibration status. In the Asset Management cloud, you can view and check Transducer type, serial number, their location and IP location, latest calibration data and number of days until calibration. Keeping track of your transducers in the Auditdata cloud means that you can easily plan your calibration SWAP and be prepared for Audits.

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