The Industry Standard in Public Audiology Clinic Management

Since 1992, we have collaborated closely with our Public Audiology customers to continuously update and tailor our clinic management system to meet the changing needs of the hospital audiology clinic. With 80% of hospital audiology clinics using our Auditbase system in Northern Europe and The United Kingdom, it is recognised as the Industry standard.

You are under pressure; our system helps

Public audiology clinics are under increasing pressure, increased workloads, the demands of reducing waiting lists and tightening health budgets all conspire to increase the stress. Our clinic management solution will help you to optimise your workflows, reduce your wait times and all without compromising your clinical care.

Designed for working audiology professionals

When we began developing Auditbase, it was with a vision: to bring quality to the life of under pressure public hearing care professionals. Now, nearly 30 years later, that concept is being executed daily for our users as Auditbase eases their daily tasks and optimises how they work for fast and efficient patient treatment.

Auditbase is the result of combining modules for programming digital hearing instruments with a comprehensive administrative software system – covering all functions in a public hearing clinic. Auditbase interfaces client records, scheduling and audiological diagnostics with central medical record systems and is the leading software system for audiology clinics in public hospitals.

User-friendly delivering awesome efficiency

With its comprehensive, user-friendly features, Auditbase manages our users’ daily clinic tasks efficiently and improves the patient-flow through the clinic. Designed to integrate all audiology disciplines in one system for maximum flexibility and resource management, Auditbase now eases the daily tasks for more than 80% of hospital audiology clinics in Northern Europe and The United Kingdom.

Clever modules

Auditbase is a comprehensive clinic management solution designed for audiology clinics at hospitals or in the public sector. Built on a modular concept, it offers optimum flexibility; we tailor each Auditbase solution to meet the individual needs.

Created in 1992, Auditbase now encompasses a comprehensive list of features and modules, and the solution continues to evolve and grow. It has been proven and developed in close collaboration with working hearing care professionals that we continue to rely on for input as Auditbase evolves. Today, Auditbase is the leading audiology clinic management system in the UK and Scandinavia with more than 80% market share.

Want to know more?

If you are still not certain about how a clinic management system like Auditbase can help you streamline your clinic – whether it entails one or multiple clinics – you can find out more about Auditbase here. If you are more interested in the technical specifications, please check out our Auditbase product pages.

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