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In our last article, we spoke about the segmentation of your database and the general parameters for doing so. In this article, we would like to give you some idea of why proper segmentation is essential and how you may use it to help you succeed in your business.

article segmentation and people diversity

There is an excellent saying about customer management software, garbage in, garbage out. Simply put, if you don’t enter the data correctly, it will never allow you to undertake your job effectively. That is especially important when it comes to modern marketing.

To ensure that you can intelligently and efficiently segment your database to your requirements, we have made twenty customisable and searchable fields available within our system. We believe that this allows the maximum opportunity for any business to deliver targeted communications.

Proper segmentation leads to targeted communications

In the last article, we touched on targeted communication and why it matters. While the segmentation of your database into hearing loss profiles is beneficial as is recording dexterity and eyesight issues, the reasoning behind their former occupation may not be as obvious.

However, an understanding of a person’s former occupation may give you an insight into the best way to communicate with them. Especially so if you cross-reference the occupation field with any behavioural and psychographic segmentation that you may have undertaken.

Engineer, techy, unaware

For instance, the title here represents three fields that we can use, the occupation, the psychographic and finally the behavioral. When filtered as such, our database delivers a list of people who are techy inspired engineers who are at the very start of their journey to an understanding of hearing aids and better hearing.

That information allows us to consider clearly what our communication strategy should be. It also allows us to set the tone of voice for that communication strategy. In this way, we can consider the target persona and customise the message to that persona. Personalised marketing messages are far more effective in engendering action than generic words.

Setting the communications strategy

For the outlined target market, we need to consider where they are in the journey and what information they may need to move forward. At the unaware stage, the prospect is at the beginning of the journey and probably has little understanding of either hearing aid technology or rehabilitative models used to help them hear better.

That means that we need to take the opportunity to provide information of worth to them to move them through the sales process. This understanding allows you to decide how and what to communicate to them. The knowledge that they are a technically aware engineer will enable you to determine what information should you will provide and what tone of voice you use. It also allows you to cater your call to action for the persona. Personalised marketing messages are always more effective than non-personalised messages.

Setting up your database fields

Consider everything that we have discussed when you are setting up your custom database fields. Defining parameters allows you to filter and search in a much more targeted way. That delivers real power; it means that you can market to and communicate with your database both intelligently and efficiently. That can only be a good thing for you and your business.

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