A Hearing Screener to Support Early Hearing Screenings

Auditdata Engage is an audiology self-screening solution that enables hearing care professionals to engage with potential customers, qualify valuable leads earlier, and begin developing a tailored customer experience. Engage is available as a simple iPad-based hearing screener.

Auditdata Enagage Hearing Screener
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Bridge The Gap From Prospect to Patient

Watch video about the iPad Hearing Screener.

A Hearing Screening Experience Made For Every Patient And Location

Detection of hearing impairment through a hearing screener often acts as the first step in seeking treatment. Auditdata Engage makes initiating that process and dialogue simple and secure so audiologists can provide more education and care early in the customer journey.

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Any Location Any Patient Hearing Screener

Offers Customization And Flexibility Around Testing Protocols

Whether screening in-clinic, at pharmacies, or in other high-traffic locations, Auditdata Engage allows hearing care professionals to maintain a standardized flow and customize testing protocols.  For instance, if pulse, warble, or pulse warble pure tones are to be used, and frequencies to test 500 Hz, 1 kHz, 2 kHz, 4 kHz, and 6 kHz, this spread of frequencies allows early identification of hearing loss that will impact speech audibility.

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You can set

  • Initial ascending step
  • Initial descending step
  • Ascending step
  • Descending step
  • Fixed-length tone
  • Threshold determination

Help Close The Hearing Impairment Gap 

With data-driven insights from the first contact, Engage is an accurate pre-screening experience fit for today’s patients and designed to streamline lead conversion for audiologists and clinics.

Get a Fully Branded Hearing Screener

Branding your hearing screener to your needs is the perfect way to make the platform look and feel like your own. With your clinic’s look and feel, you’ll create a professional, trustworthy, identifiable environment for your users and strengthen your brand identity. Since it only takes minutes to do, it’s wise to make this a priority.

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You can add

  • Branded welcome page
  • Company logo
  • Customized buttons and backgrounds
  • Email templates
  • Images and videos

Unbeatable Functionality


  • Usage statistics
    Detailed usage statistics can be downloaded
  • Clinic reports
    Each clinic can view patient and leads data
  • Retrieval of screening information
    Test results and patient data can be viewed in the web browser
  • Works offline
    Provide screenings offline and synchronize your test result later
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  • Seamless integration to Auditdata's Practice Management Software
    Screener results and patient data are pushed directly to the practice management software
  • Web admin configuration
    Centralized website for all global settings
  • Multiple languages support
    Any language can be used for designing
  • Enterprise app distribution
    Support for VMware Airwatch® for controlled distribution
  • Fast and easy set-up installation
    Only a few steps are required for each clinic to get going
  • Available on the following: 
    Minimum iPad 6th gen, iPad Air (2019), iPad Pro


  • GDPR and data sovereignty compliant
    Fully compliant with GDPR and patient data geolocation
  • Provided as a subscription and always up to date
    Continuously updated and available
  • Synchronized with cloud
    all screener data is safely backed up in the cloud
  • Your data is secure with us
    Auditdata is ISO 270001 certified
  • Open API for 3rd party systems
    REST API is the standard term


A Beginner's Guide to Gain And Pre-Qualify Leads With iPad Hearing Screeners

iPad hearing screeners have provided an affordable, reliable, and simple way to test or screen people’s hearing in the last few years. This guide outlines the most efficient way of using hearing screeners to gain and pre-qualify clients, help forecast next month’s appointments, and expand your outreach to clients.

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"So far, 2Ø has done over 400 screenings with Engage, out of which 31 % showed signs of hearing loss. We didn’t want them to have to see their doctor, get a referral, and need an appointment to come see us for hearing screenings and solutions. We designed 2Ø so people could come in off the street, have a great experience, and immediately get the hearing solutions they need. We make it as easy to get hearing aids as it is to get glasses."

Rasmus From 2Ø Auditdata Customer Story

Rasmus, Founder of 2Ø, Denmark

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"Compared to leads from a regular hearing clinic, we pick up customers with hearing loss much earlier in their mental journey, and they are still in their denial phase. Education, support, and awareness is important for these customers."

Katie Ball

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"Auditdata Engage has been a great new way for us to generate leads. During a short period of time we have performed hundreds of screenings and this has turned into valuable appointments."

Ewa Mikuła

Marketing Manager, Poland

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How Hoyrnin Uses Engage for Lead Generation, Pre-qualification and Events

Hoyrnin started offering hearing screeners to companies in August 2021, and they have a waiting list of businesses who want to use it. As a result of these workplace screenings with Engage, Hoyrnin is getting more bookings at the clinic and boosting sales of hearing aids and hearing protection. From August to October, Hoyrnin has sold 140 molded hearing protections solely to companies participating in this hearing screening program.

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Hearing screener - Auditdata Engage - Hoyrnin

Ready To Start Reach More People With Hearing Loss and Sell More Hearing Aids?

Learn how easy and simple Auditdata Engage is to set up and maintain; eliminating the need for expensive lead sourcing.