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What Is an Ipad-based Hearing Screener and How Can It Benefit You?

Hearing care providers work tirelessly to attract people to their clinics to screen them for hearing loss. If these folks are unable to visit the hearing care clinics in person, audiologists need to be mobile enough to come to them, using portable iPad hearing screeners.

An iPad hearing screener is a simple way to test or screen people’s hearing and is a simple audiometry test. Auditdata Engage can be configured to all brands and installed on an iPad + headsets. Tablet-based audiometry solutions provide accurate, compliant hearing tests, and can be used to screen for hearing loss outside of your clinics. 

More than 5% of the world’s population – or 430 million people – have a disabling hearing loss, with a hearing loss greater than 35 decibels (dB) in their better ear, requiring rehabilitation and/or hearing aids. It’s estimated that by 2050, more than 700 million people – or one in every ten – will have a disabling hearing loss. 

Hearing care providers work tirelessly to attract people to their hearing centers to examine them for hearing loss, then recommend and provide solutions that will enhance their hearing (and their lives). But, often, people experiencing hearing loss view booking an appointment with an audiologist as a huge deal and may be overwhelmed by the idea of it. Many people don’t – or can’t – visit hearing clinics, because of mobility issues, lack of transportation, concerns about associated costs, perceived negative stigma around hearing aids, etc.  

If these people are unable (or unwilling) to visit the hearing care center in person, audiologists need to go to them, either at home, in retirement facilities, or out in the community. This way, you can show them the commitment you have to helping them with their hearing loss in a friendly, non-threatening way, and explain the numerous benefits of the hearing solutions that you offer. You can also dispel their misconceptions, and explain that today’s hearing aids are smaller, less bulky, hardly noticeable – and offer a variety of significant benefits to the overall well-being of the hearing impaired and their relatives. 

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"So far, 2Ø has done over 400 screenings with Engage, out of which 31 % showed signs of hearing loss. We designed 2Ø so people could come in off the street, have a great experience, and immediately get the hearing solutions they need. We make it as easy to get hearing aids as it is to get glasses."

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Therefore, use a portable iPad hearing screener to extend your clinic’s reach with visits to customers’ homes, nursing facilities, retirement homes, in community centers, factories in your neighbourhood, pharmacies and other locations. 

With an initial touchpoint in the community, you can meet potential customers, provide them with a convenient hearing screening, and encourage them to visit your hearing clinic for a more complete screening and discussion of their options. You can also use Auditdata's data solution to track and follow the lead, with regular communication to convince them to buy. 

A Quick, Convenient Test with High Conversion Rates Using iPad Hearing Screeners

Most people are more willing to participate in a quick, convenient hearing test versus making the effort to call and book an appointment at your hearing clinic. Moreover, installing a hearing screener in a visible place in your clinic can nudge relatives, who are often joining the appointment, to take a hearing test in the waiting area.  

Leads from hearing screenings have a very high conversion rate because when customers have already had a hearing test – and know they have a hearing loss – they are much further along in their buying journey than other leads who book a hearing test to assess their hearing. This means that they are in the clinic to take action on their hearing loss and accept that something needs to be done to boost their hearing. 

While age is the strongest predictor of hearing loss, and most people experience this issue after the age 60, however younger people can also experience hearing loss. Integrating technology – such as offering hearing screenings through an iPad – and making these tests quick and convenient is a good way to target the younger demographic. It can also be helpful to show younger prospects the “proof” of their hearing loss through these iPad hearing screeners, which provide accurate, objective information about each user’s ability to hear clearly and correctly. This might even lower the average age of your leads or get them to protect their hearing. Meaning you can sell hearing protection or custom ear plugs. 

What is a tablet-based hearing screener and how can it benefit you?

Qualify Your Clients and Optimize Performance 

A portable iPad hearing screener is a good tool to ensure your audiologists spend their time where it matters, caring for customers. This tool also helps qualify people’s hearing loss before they spend precious time in an appointment with the audiologist. In busy hearing care clinics it is best practice to assess all clients for hearing loss before they get an appointment with the audiologist. This way, you are certain that there is a hearing loss, and then the audiologist has a useful starting point in the appointment, where they will assess the client and decide how to treat their hearing loss.  

Auditdata’s Portable Solution 

Auditdata Engage enables hearing care providers to screen customers in any location using a simple, iPad-based tablet solution. The new version integrates seamlessly with our Practice Management Software that audiology retailers so the office can act. 

When using Engage, test results from hearing screenings are automatically emailed to the customer, so they can see the details of their hearing loss and, hopefully, be inspired to take action to treat it.  

Meanwhile, all leads are also pushed to the service provider, so the staff can work to get the pre-qualified customers into their clinic or set-up marketing nurturing flows. During the appointment, the clinician will perform a more elaborate hearing test and recommend solutions to help solve each customer’s hearing issues. Our iPad-based screener app is user-friendly, accurate, optimized for use outside of the clinics, and able to remotely transfer screening results into Auditdata’s software. This allows hearing clinics to follow these leads seamlessly through the entire customer journey. Download our Marketing Guide, if you want to read more about how you can get more leads using marketing.

Attract Customers to Your Hearing Clinic With iPad Hearing Screeners

The first step in growing your business with new customers is to increase the number of pre-qualified leads that come to your clinic. Getting new leads is costly and challenging. One way is to activate your existing customers and get them to refer a friend or family. Hosting events or marketing campaigns can also be an efficient way to increase traffic to your hearing clinic and get more new customers. To keep marketing and lead acquisition costs down and quality up, hearing care professionals need a practice management software that supports a unified strategy across all channels. 

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Capture New Leads and Customers 

Some might think that online screener is a better tool for lead generation. Online screeners is powerful on your website, but you don’t know which headset they’re using and how attentive the person taking the hearing test is. When using a hearing screener, in a controlled area, you know that the client is qualified and that there is an actual hearing loss.  

Engage makes it easy for audiology clinics to set up and customize a test flow and export it to multiple tablets, so audiologists can use these screening solutions “on the go.” Business intelligence capabilities give care providers effective new ways of visualizing and reviewing lead analytics. 

Auditdata Engage allows hearing care professionals to get new qualified leads with less effort and costs compared to conventional ways of identifying and attracting potential new customers. For instance, Specsavers Audiology in Australia has recently screened more than one million customers by offering hearing screenings in their optical stores using a tablet-based hearing screener. This give them a line of qualified leads for hearing care that they are now treating and qualifying.

Ready to Start Generating Leads?

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