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What is a clinical workflow?

An automated clinical workflow is a simple step-by-step process designed to bring you from point A to point B. With point A being the beginning of the process and point B being the expected or desired conclusion. They are the basis of efficiency and consistent quality across an organisation. In the wider medical world, they are an accepted strategy to ensure that the clinician undertakes the best practice to provide the best outcome for the patient.

Our clinical workflow engine in the Primus Software makes it possible to create and customize ways of working to suit your clinical best practices and easily transition between tests.

Why are clinical workflows effective? 

Workflows help you provide a consistent customer experience, onboard and train new staff, and implement changes. Clinical workflows allow you to do the following:

  1. Retain centralized control of clinical protocols
  2. Enhance the current, appropriate clinical practice
  3. Improve the quality of audiological diagnostic assessment and treatment
  4. Enhance client outcomes
  5. Improve the cost-effectiveness of the care
  6. Ease onboarding of new staff
  7. Ease implementation of new protocols
  8. Comply with all local legislation or regulation
  9. Help to identify processes that may require further investigation
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Hoorcentrum Aerts implements clinical workflows to deliver high-quality care

As part of a commercial excellence initiative and commitment to provide extraordinary customer experiences, Hoorcentrum Aerts have used Primus to streamline the organization’s processes and protocols. One huge asset is the Primus clinical workflow function, which outlines exactly what audiologists need to do, and in what order. 

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How to improve clinical quality and treatment consistency using clinical workflows

If you are interested in getting started with clinical workflows but don't know where to start, we advice you to download this guide. You will learn why automated clinical make sense and discover best practices in making clinical workflows. 

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How to create a clinical workflow with Primus?

Workflows help you deliver best practice hearing care: By establishing standardized workflows and dividing your consultation processes depending on session types and local country requirements, you will both increase speed and accuracy. With our portfolio of diagnostic measurement equipment run by advanced software, you can manage and optimise their clinical workflows centrally based on clinical best practice and data-driven insights.

Standardising, benchmarking and optimising your clinical processes means higher clinical performance, better quality, and ultimately happier customers. The centralised design and control of workflows in the clinic mean that organisations can define testing and fitting protocols at each patient journey step. It offers the ability to customise the customer experience for each consultation type.

For detailed instructions on any of the below topics, click here to access the Primus Workflows Module e-learning course. This course will demonstrate how to setup and utilise Workflows in Primus. 

Watch video about Clinical Workflows in Primus.

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"Before we started with Primus workflows, we had our clinical workflows detailed on paper, and we trained with those procedures. But having the workflow in our Primus software is such an improvement for us."

Lore Heylen

HoorCentrum Aerts

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"With clinical workflows you can save time! You can move some of the processes outside the clinicians door and be able to have the client onboard themselves by asking relevant questions up front before the interview. "

Nikolaj Bisgaard

Industry thought leader from GN

Necessary equipment

Our equipment is run by advanced software that lets you manage and optimize your clinical workflows based on data-driven insights.