Accessories and Spare Parts for Primus Pro

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Insert Phone Transparent3

Insert Earphone

Real Ear Probe Transparent2

Real Ear Probe

B71bone Conductor Transpar

B71 Bone Conductor

DD 45 Transpa

DD45 with HBA headband

DD45 With RE 7 Headband

DD45 with RE-7 headband

DD 450 Transparent3


DD 65 V2 Transp

DD65 Ver 2


Headset Mic Transparent

Headset with mic. - S (Talk over)

Talk Back Transparent

Microphone (Talk back)

Free Field Speaker Transparent

Free Field Speaker

Calib Micr Transparent1

Free Field Calibration Microphone

Transducer Extension Cable

Transducer Extension Cable

Sound Chamber Transpar

Sound Chamber Cable set w. ID chip

Ear Hanger Transp3

Ear Hanger (4 Pcs)

Ear Link Small Transpar

E-A-RLINK 3B (Small, 50 pcs)

Ear Link Medium Transpar

E-A-RLINK 3A (Medium, 50 pcs)

Ear Link Large Transparent

E-A-RLINK 3C (Large, 24 pcs)

Insert Tube Nipples (1)

Insert Tube with Nipples (6 pcs)

Probe Tube Guide Transp

Probe tube guide (8 pcs)

Probe Tubes Trans2

Probe tubes (40 pcs)

Spare parts

Loudsp Cable Transp

Loudspeaker cable w. plug

Client Response Transparent

Client Response

DC Adaptor Transparent4

DC Adaptor

USB Cord Transpar

USB cord

TDH39 Cable Transparent

TDH39/DD45 Cable with plug

Headband HB7 Transparent

Headband HB-7

Transducer Tdh39

Transducer TDH39

Ear Cushion Trans

Ear Cushion TDH39/DD45

DD45 Headband Trans

Headband DD45

Headband B71 Trans

Headband B71

Transducer Bone Conductor Trans

Transducer Bone Conductor B71

B 71 Bone Conductor Transpa

B71 Bone Conductor Cable with plug

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