Accessories and Spare parts

Primus HIT

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Microphones and cables

Final Photos Small1

RECD Air Kit


RECD Air Coupler Microphone

Placeholder Im Small

RECD Air BTE Tubes (3pcs)

RECD Cable Small3

RECD Air Cable


Reference Mic Small1

Reference Microphone, 15cm

Coupler Mic Small7

Coupler Microphone, 25cm

Spare parts

DC Adaptor Sm2

DC Adaptor

USB Cord Sm (1)

USB cord

Battery Pills Sm

Battery Pills (5 sizes)

BTE Tube Sm

BTE Tube (3 pcs)

Placeholder Im Small

ITE Putty

ITE Coupler Attachment Sm

ITE Coupler Attachment (HIT)

BTE Coupler Sm

BTE Coupler Attachment (HIT)

Placeholder Im Small

BODY Coupler Attachment (HIT)

2Cc Coupler Sm

2cc Coupler Attachment (HIT)

ITE Foam

ITE Foam

BTE Foam

BTE Foam

RIC Coupler Sm

RIC Coupler Attachment


Placeholder Im Small

Coupler Holder (2 sizes)

Placeholder Im Small

HI Holder

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