Auditdata Unveils New Compact, Modern Audiometer with Fewer Wires & Enhanced Reliability

Copenhagen, Denmark, October 04, 2023 – Auditdata has launched the new Measure audiometer and fitting unit. The organization has also significantly updated its software, rebranded as Auditdata Measure Software (formerly Primus Software). These cutting-edge solutions help hearing clinics provide Best Care Experiences for their patients.

Measure, Auditdata’s new suite of audiological equipment, is run by advanced software that allows hearing professionals to manage and optimize clinical workflows based on data-driven insights. The software’s improved functionality helps providers elevate the fitting process, resulting in improved hearing aid comfort and outcomes for increased usage, conversions, and sales.

"We talked to many hearing providers in the field, asking them about the pain points around their software-based audiometers, and then we solved their biggest challenges with the new Measure products. We heard the same recurring problems. First, they talked about cable management and living in cable hell. Second, they discussed needing smaller equipment due to their limited office space. Their third request was for more reliable equipment, with no downtime, because time is money. And fourth, they wanted a modern, attractive design. Auditdata designed this new solution to check all these boxes and more"

Nils Auditdata 2022 testimonial

Nils Westerlund

Product Manager, Auditdata

“These customer needs shaped the product's development and was our guiding light through the entire process. We developed really innovative, reliable equipment with a modern design and a compact, stackable arrangement that takes up very little space. After completed launch, the new Measure will be almost fully wireless, and the remaining few cables can be easily hidden. All efforts have been made to untangle both the clinics and the patients,” Westerlund added. “Plus, the equipment is portable. Audiologists can bring it to test in someone’s home or expand it into one of the most powerful systems in the market. Expect to see the new Measure in every hearing clinic that wants to provide the best modern care.”

Standardizing, benchmarking, and optimizing clinical processes using Measure means higher clinical performance, better quality, and Best Care Experiences for individuals with hearing impairment. Additionally, Auditdata uniquely provides cloud-based analytics tools that audiology clinics can use to get better data and insights to help them drive dramatic businesses improvements.

"The new Measure aligns with Auditdata’s mission to provide Best Care Experiences for every patient. Using Measure means audiology clinics can get untangled and be less frustrated by cables, they’ll enjoy a more modern feel and experience unparalleled data collection. We’re proud to be the only company that collects clinical data that can be used for quality and performance monitoring, which is a key differentiator for Auditdata. Additionally, we uniquely offer nudging for real-time clinical quality assessment, ensuring nothing is forgotten or overlooked. Having tools to ensure that best quality standards are consistently followed is extremely valuable – and a critical component of providing Best Care Experiences."

Kurt Bager

Kurt Bager

Chief Executive Officer, Auditdata

Longtime partner, WS Audiology – a global leader in the hearing healthcare industry  – was deeply involved in the development of Measure. They participated in the entire process to ensure that the new product would meet their needs – and the needs of their audiology customers.

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"One of the biggest market trends is to go wireless as much as possible. We were keen on a nice, elegant look that eliminated the clutter of cables. We wanted to untangle patients and give them back their freedom. Another trend we’re seeing is more automation and cloud-based solutions with software and support. There are many benefits for customers, who don’t have to worry about installing or setting up computer programs.”"

Joachim Baumann WS Audiology

Joachim Baumann

Solutions Manager, WS Audiology

“Working with Auditdata and the new Measure solution allows our customers to be loyal to us. Auditdata equips their hearing clinics,” Baumann explained. “We’re not an equipment seller – our main business is hearing aids. Auditdata’s offer fits perfectly. Our customers can rely on a great equipment seller, and Auditdata gets business from our shops. It’s a win-win situation.”

Auditdata provides a robust onboarding program to help users become familiar with the new Measure solutions. To ensure smooth adaptation, onboarding options include e-learning courses, certification programs, and 1:1 meetings.

Measure is being developed and released in three stages, and the first version was just released in October 2023. We will share more details soon. 

About Auditdata:

Auditdata transforms the way hearing care providers can manage and deliver services to people with hearing loss. With data-driven solutions and services catering to all touchpoints of the audiology customer journey, Auditdata helps you take a proactive approach to achieve excellence in the way you deliver patient care and run your audiology business. 

Established in 1992, Auditdata has more than 30 years of experience working specifically with retail and hospital audiology software and audiometry. Around the world, 5.000 clinics with 10.000+ users already use the company’s software daily to improve clinical performance.

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