Friendly SMS reminders

SMS text reminders are a simple way to save valuable clinic time lost to patient no-shows.

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Reduce Dna Rate1

Reduce your DNA rates

The SMS Appointment Reminder in Auditbase allows you to send automated text messages based on upcoming patient appointments. This can reduce your “Did Not Attend” (DNA) rates drastically. You get:

  • Flexible ways of managing patient consent
  • A configurable number of days the messages are sent before the appointment
  • Up to two reminders per appointment
  • Configurable message text using information from the patient and appointment
Easy To Use

Easy to use

Setting up an SMS Appointment Reminder in Auditbase requires only following a few simple steps in Auditbase Administration.

You can configure the reminder with variables likepatient name, appointment type, date and time. Then select which appointment types trigger an SMS reminder, how many reminders to send, and when to send them.

Technical details

  • Auditbase uses a separate tool on the server, which is installed by an Auditdata supporter with assistance from local IT
  • The SMS must be created by a separate provider from an email sent from Auditbase using SMTP
  • The patient’s mobile number is used as a variable for inclusion in the email address or subject
  • Non-numeric characters are stripped from mobile numbers
  • Multiple simultaneous configurations can be used where multiple databases are in use