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Auditdata helps Tragus open their new clinic 

Tragus – The Ear Specialists, a new audiological clinic based in the United Kingdom, opened in 2022 to provide high-quality, in-person hearing care. 

As a new clinic, Tragus was starting fresh when it came to choosing the software they’d use for their business. Their goal was to find an easy, user-friendly software that could integrate seamlessly with NOAH.

Tragus Story

Tragus opted to use Auditdata’s Practice Management Software (PMS), Manage. Jills and Velanie chose Auditdata over any other software vendor because no other company allowed them to have patient data stored in the cloud, which is a huge value for any clinic with multiple locations or that conducts home visits. 

Jills worked with Auditdata when he was at NHS and had a good experience. Therefore, he immediately thought Auditdata would offer the perfect solution for Tragus. 

"We have used a couple of different software systems, which are similar, but we've not come across anyone that has been able to make it easy until we worked with Auditdata. The Noah integration, Bridge is crucial for us. We use it in every appointment, and I don't think we've come across any other software that has been able to deliver that for us. It’s really helping us a lot."

Tragus Velanie

Velanie Menezes

Co-founder, Tragus

"We also really like that Auditdata’s solutions are in the cloud, so we can access our information anywhere. This is very useful, especially if you want to fill in journals or take work home. You don't need to be physically in the clinic to complete a lot of the extra work that comes with each client. And that is really convenient, especially in our new business, when we're trying to grow and set up more things. It makes a big difference."

Tragus Jill

Jills Kurian

Co-founder, Tragus

Reporting helped them re-prioritize services 

Tragus has been using Auditdata Discover, an add-on analytics platform that boosts transparency across a business by providing key metrics from data gathered in Manage. “From the beginning, we focused a lot on how we collect data, and how we use the data to improve our efficiency,” Jills said. “And that's where the Discover reports come in. Discover helps us to clearly see where our time has been most valuable.” 

For instance, when they started the clinic, many people were coming in for micro-suction services, which they could no longer get from their General Practitioners. 

But then, the Discover reports told us we were actually spending a lot of time doing micro-suctions, and that the wax removal was less valued compared to doing hearing assessments,” Jills said. “Now we are in the process of determining how we can just to do the micro-suction for our clients rather than the whole public. We are making that leap straightaway because we have realized by just doing that wax removal service, we are not going to become sustainable.” - Jills said. 

"Based on the information we got from Discover, we changed our offerings so that nobody will have the wax removal unless they also do a hearing test."

Tragus Jill

Jills Kurian

Co-founder, Tragus

Smooth, seamless implementation with great customer support 

Jills and Velanie were happy with the Auditdata implementation, saying it was very smooth compared to other companies they’ve worked with in the past. 

"We worked with Auditdata and, in a matter of a week, everything was set and we started the training. Implementation was quite easy. If you're running a business today and in two days' time you need the software, it's ready" - Jills said. 

He called Danilo Jimenez, of Auditdata’s customer support team, a “god of customer support”. 

“Danilo is next level because it's not about just solving a complaint or an issue, it's also understanding where I am coming from, what my business looks like, what are my steps,” Jills explained. 

“When he got our software compliance ticket, he called me, and it was amazing. He made sure that everything worked, and every system was installed,” Jills added. “He ran through it all, and it was a different level experience.”

Tragus (6)

This clinic’s future is bright 

Jills and Velanie have big plans for their business. 

They hope to have 200-500 clients within the next 6-8 months and are implementing a variety of marketing tactics to reach this goal. 

In the future, they may also use Auditdata’s portable hearing screener, Engage, to generate more leads. 

The clinic plans to use more of Manage’s features to help them improve operations and drive better outcomes moving forward. For example, they’re interested in using Manage to improve their resource optimization.

Using Manage’s scheduling feature, the clinic staff can set up appointments based on the length of each service. Services like a wax removal might just take 15 minutes, whereas a full hearing assessment with hearing aid fitting could take a full hour. 

Manage will allow their team to structure their calendar to maximize the number of patients they can see each day.

“Manage handles all things for you” 

“I was stressed out when starting the journey to open this new business. The training provided by Auditdata helped me learn the bits about Manage, and kept me on track,” Jills explained. “When you come from NHS into this, you’re doing the invoicing, making the VAT connectivity, integrating accounting software, all these things you’ve never done in your life. Auditdata makes it integrated into one software solution and Manage handles all things for you, including the finances.” 

"That is a very cool feature for audiologists. Because you're coming from a medical background, you don't have a finance degree, and you don't know how to do the financing. But Manage already has a list of hearing aids, there is a VAT percentage set, and it comes up with the invoice. All you have to do is print."

Tragus Jill

Jills Kurian

Co-founder, Tragus

Jills and Velanie said Manage has helped them with the most important things in their clinic, including customer service, integrating with NOAH, and providing support in every aspect of their business operations. 

What’s more, Manage helps them focus on their clients and spend less time on the administration work. 

“Time spent on administration is absolutely zero. There is no need for an administrator to call in, and look in, and all those things because it's done,” Jills said. “It’s smooth with Auditdata Manage, it’s optimized. And there are no glitches.” 

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