Lund University Hospital

Lund University Hospital

When two hospital departments merged, Lund University Hospital took the opportunity to modernize the audiology equipment and clinic workflow.


Old products, No integration between systems, no support

Outdated audiometers and software strained the workflow at the hospital clinics. “The systems were very old and the support was obsolete,” Audiology Manager Anders Nilsson explains. The merge between two hospitals, one in Malmö and one in Lund, also meant that there were too many different types of equipment and systems.

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"Every audiologist in the clinic tried out Auditbase on their own with no training. Most of them thought it was quite similar to systems they had used before, so it was straightforward to start using Auditbase."

Anders Nilsson, Audiology Manager

Vårdenhet Audiology – Lund University Hospital


“When we tested Auditbase, it was the audiometer that had the most features we needed, compared to the other systems we tested,” says Audiology Technician Emma Lundell. “We had good opportunities to test the product properly before the sale and installation process started. We also got quick response on the questions we had.”

 “We installed 12 Auditbase systems on a Friday afternoon,” says Audiology Manager Anders Nilsson, “So on Monday morning everything was new for the employees. Everything worked and there were no issues.”


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"The support is good and always quick. There is always someone to talk to if you call or email. This goes for both software and hardware."

Emma Lundel, Audiology Technician

Vårdenhet Audiology – Lund University Hospital


Anders Nilsson is particularly thrilled by an unforeseen bonus. “The fact that Auditbase has the calibration data in the plugs is very good. We are not so vulnerable if cables are damaged, since we can just exchange the headset and export the calibration data and then we are on again.”

Key to success

The Lund University Hospital audiology department already had Auditbase running smoothly. Adding Audtidata Measure’s PC-based fitting system  lifted the workflow to a higher level, as the two solutions are designed to work seamlessly together.

“The support is good and always quick. There is always someone to talk to if you call or email. This goes for both software and hardware.”

Emma Lundel, Audiology Technician