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The Effective Way to Make In-Home Visits Work

Audiologist Liat Rubinstein believes in personalized service. That’s why she made in-home visits a key element of her solo practice. “I go to see people in their houses, especially for the elderly. I take hearing tests if they need consultation in order to make the decision about hearing aids,” Rubinstein says. “Especially now with the coronavirus, people do need something that they feel safe with. I go to their home so they don't need to leave the house.”


Rubinstein needed a solution that was easy to transport from house to house, and that delivered quick, reliable, easy-to-understand results and didn’t require a lot of complicated set-up. Putting her clients’ minds at ease during what can be an unfamiliar and even scary experience was foremost on her mind.

Administering hearing tests in people’s homes rather than from an office or a centralized location adds an element of unpredictability. Rubinstein needed reliable, portable technology that made in-home testing as smooth as possible. Due to a history of back problems, she also needed a lightweight, portable solution to demonstrate for clients.

“When you go to a different house every time, it's very difficult to find the perfect spot,” says Rubinstein. “You need a quiet place, and to take into consideration everything around the person.”

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“The Auditdata Primus Ice is the perfect solution because it's so comfortable,” Rubinstein says. “It's tiny, not heavy, and I can take it anywhere I want. It makes my life a lot easier. I have worked with a lot of different audiometers and this is the best one. It’s the smartest audiometer I’ve ever seen. The design is simple and it's easy. Being able to just connect it and transfer the hearing test to the computer makes life a lot easier.”

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"The hearing reports are a lot faster. The clients don’t have to wait. It goes straight to the computer while you have a meeting to discuss all the things that go into a hearing test. Then I can just show them their results and explain everything, and it’s a lot simpler."

Liat Rubinstein

Rubinstein-SOH, an audiologist who runs a solo practice in Israel