FREE GUIDE - 5 Steps to Activate Your Existing Client Database

Your Client Database is a Hidden Gold Mine

While targeting new clients and opening new hearing clinics is a way to grow your business, you should never forget the clients you have already tested and fitted. They are the cheapest and best leads to re-visit your clinic. You know they have hearing loss, and you can communicate with them in a more relevant manner than your competitors. 

This guide outlines 5 steps to help you activate your existing client database using Practice Management Software. If less than 33% of your sales come from existing clients, you have a huge potential to start direct marketing toward your client database.

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Inside You'll Find: 

  • Why is it important to focus on loyal clients? 
  • How to segment your target audience? 
  • How to best design your offer to loyal clients? 
  • How to design your phone call campaign? 
  • How to train and active your staff?

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More About This Guide:

Customer retention is the most important investment any business can make. That's because the cost of acquiring new business is five times higher than that of maintaining an existing client.

A rule of thumb is if less than 30% of your revenue stems from your existing clients, you are missing opportunities.

What will you gain by activating your existing client database?

  • A thriving business with loyal clients
  • An efficient way to get the most out of your budget 
  • Shorten the buying cycle and enhance the client's decision to choose your clinic next time 
  • Ultimately, create new clients through the increased referrals from loyal clients 

To achieve these, you need advanced Practice Management Software to help you set up a simple workflow for recording relevant client data that you can use for planning, execution, tracking, and follow up on campaigns.