7 Demonstration Tools to Help Clients Understand the Benefits of Hearing Aids

This free guide is designed for audiologists and elaborates on 7 demonstration tools to ensure clients are well-informed and comfortable with their purchasing decision. 

  • Boost conversions 
  • Engage with clients 
  • Sell more hearing aids 
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Inside You'll Find

Different hearing aid demonstrations allow you to help your clients understand the benefits of hearing aids and accessories.

This guide gives a thorough overview of 7 different demonstrations, breaking down: 

  • Why conduct these demonstrations
  • Who are they appropriate for 
  • Where and how to conduct them
  • What equipment is needed

You will not only be able to confidently choose the best demonstrations for clients, but you can boost conversions and sell more hearing aids and accessories.

Ultimately, help your clients rediscover the joy of hearing. 

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More About This Guide

There are a variety of effective demonstrations that can help you boost conversions. We don’t necessarily recommend using all these options with every client as this is both time-consuming and overwhelming. Instead, select one-two most relevant demonstrations based on the client’s individual needs and circumstances. 

You can read about the following 7 demonstrations in this guide:

1. Speech-in-Noise demonstration

2. Binaural demonstration tool 

3. Demonstration tool for music

4. Demonstration of TV streaming

5. Demonstration of direct streaming to a smartphone

6. Real Ear Measurement and frequency response

7. Real Ear Measurement and noise reduction and directionality