A Beginner's Guide to Gain and Pre-qualify Leads with iPad Hearing Screeners

iPad hearing screeners have provided an affordable, reliable, but simple way to test or screen people’s hearing in the last few years. This guide outlines the most efficient way of using hearing screeners to gain and pre-qualify clients, help forecast next month’s appointments, and expand your outreach to clients.

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Inside You'll Find: 

  • How and where can you use hearing screeners?
  • How to set up a screener for success?
  • An example of a hearing screening flow
  • How can you manage and follow-up on leads and prospects?
  • How can you track the outcome of your hearing screener investment?

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More About This Guide

A hearing screener by Auditdata offers a simple audiometry test typically installed on an iPad. It can be used as a handheld tablet or secured in a standalone booth type set-up.

The solution provides an accurate, compliant hearing test and can be used to screen for hearing loss anywhere. This device offers audiology businesses real benefits as it allows pre-qualification of leads and expansion of the geographical footprint without the costly infrastructure investment of opening new clinics.

The intelligent use of Auditdata iPad hearing screener can allow a business to:

  • Pre-qualify clients to make sure that the lead booked for an appointment has a hearing loss
  • Help forecast next month’s appointments and conversion
  • Broaden the reach for meeting clients without the cost of opening more outlets
  • Open up for email communication with leads and prospects by giving a consent (GDPR)
  • Expand internal resource optimization through ease of use for non-audiologists
  • Help audiologists have a foundation to talk about during the interview
  • Open up for partnerships to assess hearing as part of a health check