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How to Convert More Leads to Paying Customers

Getting new leads to your hearing clinics is timely and costly. It is key that your staff is prepared for every booked appointment and make the most of every client they meet. This guide outlines a well-thought appointment structure and gives you tips and tricks on how to deliver an effective customer journey for new hearing aid users. This will enable your staff to delivering a great standardized customer experience and convert more leads to clients.

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Inside You'll Find:

  • Understand best practices in hearing care
  • Apply pre-appointment communications
  • Set up the right welcoming environment in the clinic
  • Become better at qualifying your customers
  • Get better at presenting the solution, so they feel comfortable
  • Demonstrate the trial hearing aids in the most effective way
  • Plan the perfect initial follow-up period

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More About This Guide

This guide investigates the 7 steps to the initial in-person experience: 

  • Pre-appointment communications

  • Welcoming the client

  • Understanding the client's needs

  • Examination stage 

  • Presenting the result

  • Presenting the solution 

  • Initial follow-up period 

The initial consultation is a combination of audiometric testing, psychological profiling, counseling, and a sales process. The consultation involves several stages and each is important in the process. 

This guide will discuss the initial in-person experience and the steps and concepts you may use to maximize the opportunity. It will explore different elements within an overall strategy designed to move consumers forward to dealing with their hearing loss.