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Driving Clinical Excellence with Real-time Quality Assessment & Audiometric Nudging

A free guide for audiology clinic owners who want to understand the benefits and value of real-time quality assessment and nudging in hearing care. This guide will give you the tools and knowledge to implement friendly reminders for your audiologists to ensure consistent, high-quality hearing examinations, accurate diagnoses, appropriate solutions, and proper fittings.

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Inside You'll Find: 

  • Understand the theory behind nudging 
  • Discover the benefits of nudging within audiology
  • Learn how to deliver the same exceptional quality care to every client 
  • How the Measure Software helps drive positive decisions
  • Use nudging to assist in audiometric masking 
  • How to immediately identify and address any non-compliance issues

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More About This Guide:

Everything in our industry boils down to quality. It is essential to deliver the highest quality examinations every time, with every customer. High-quality examinations and best practice testing processes ensure a good starting point for the hearing intervention to be performed, leading to happier customers, increased conversion rates and, ultimately, better business outcomes. 

Real-time audiometric quality assessment is software created to support and nudge audiologists during hearing examinations. It offers significant benefits to hearing clinics and customers. First, the highlighted audiometric nudging can enhance the quality of the examinations, improving both patient and business outcomes. In addition, clinical auditing provides a comprehensive, accurate view of the business, including performance metrics for each clinic and audiologist.  

Table of content:  

1. What is nudging? 

2. The benefits of nudging in audiology

3. Measure Software now offers nudging 

4. Measure Software helps drive positive decisions 

5. Nudging assists in audiometric masking 

6. Improve clinical auditing 

7. Clinical quality - an untapped marketing opportunity 

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Notification Alerts in the Measure Software

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