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Moving Audiology Retail Into the Digital Era

This guide isn't just about transitioning your clinic's presence online; it's about creating a seamless experience that bridges the gap between hearing care professionals and the individuals they serve.

  • Improve customer interactions 
  • Build long-lasting relationships
  • Use digital marketing to reach more people with hearing loss
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Inside The Guide, You'll Find Out How to: 

  • Understand and improve interaction across the key touchpoints along your customer journey.
  • Embrace and navigate digital disruption including your presence on social media and search engines.
  • Become better at converting visitors to clients with a strategy that balances clinical and commercial needs.
  • Learn how you can include client repurchase and referral to build long relationships.
  • Access a smart tool that allows you to calculate the financial impact of optimizing touchpoints along your customer journey.

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More About This Guide: 

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The past decade has brought unprecedented change to the hearing healthcare industry. Online retail, new regulation and technological development keeps our industry moving at a fast pace, but it also makes it difficult to keep up. Did you know, for example, that 86% of healthcare organizations have adopted telehealth programs? Or that around 70% of seniors are connected to the internet?

We have compiled a guide for audiology professionals to help navigate these changes.

Using a mix of qualitative and quantitative research from sources within the audiology and general retail industries, we have pulled together guidance, statistics, and observations on key topics such as:

  • Identifying key touchpoints in your client journey
  • Challenges and opportunities specific to digital retail
  • Methods for converting visitors to clients
  • Strategies for building long-term client relationships

For consumers, purchasing hearing healthcare services can be an intimidating, confusing or overwhelming experience. Our responsibility as healthcare professionals is to take as much of the uncertainty out of their journey as possible. The goal for this guide is to help you develop a better understanding of your clients while also improving your business. For example by lowering return rates, improving customer retention, and bringing down sales costs. Our hope is to provide the guidance you need to develop lasting relationships that will serve your customers well and improve your business at the same time.