Auditdata Secures Partnership with HearBuy

Auditdata, a global innovator in solutions for hearing healthcare, has secured a partnership with HearBuy, one of the largest buying groups for independent audiologists in the United Kingdom.

Hearbuy And Auditdata

Copenhagen, Denmark, July 11, 2023 – Auditdata, a global innovator in solutions for hearing healthcare, has secured a partnership with HearBuy, one of the largest buying groups for independent audiologists in the United Kingdom. HearBuy will now resell Auditdata’s Measure and Manage to their large roster of customers in the UK market. 

Auditdata Measure, a portfolio of audiological equipment run by advanced software, lets hearing clinics manage and optimize clinical workflows based on data-driven insights.

Measure includes audiometers that deliver all the testing protocols to drive clinical quality and the customer experience. Many audiometer types are available, including portable tools that are invaluable for audiologists conducting hearing exams out in the community. Measure provides all the testing module types audiologists need, including pure-tone and speech audiometry, as well as a real ear measurement module. 

Manage, Auditdata’s award-winning, cloud-based Practice Management Software (PMS), optimizes hearing practices and enhances patient care. This intuitive, user-friendly PMS streamlines workflows, takes hearing practices paperless, and keeps patient data organized and secure.

This best-in-class audiology software guides hearing specialists through every aspect of the patient journey, reducing errors, and saving time. Manage reduces administrative burden by automating daily tasks, including scheduling, billing, patient notifications, inventory, and more, so audiology teams can spend less time on administrative tasks and focus more attention on patient care. 


"HearBuy has supported independent audiologists for more than 20 years, helping them to compete against larger hearing chains by giving them access to leading hearing aid manufacturers’ products and discounts. We’re delighted to partner with Auditdata and resell their state-of-the-art solutions, Measure and Manage, to audiologists in the UK. Auditdata has a stellar reputation in the industry, and their solutions are extraordinary. Now, our independent audiologists can use Auditdata’s high-quality equipment and comprehensive PMS to dramatically improve clinical operations and patient care in their hearing clinics."

Anthony Martin

Managing Director of HearBuy

“We’re very excited about our new partnership with HearBuy and we’re thrilled that they’ll be reselling our solutions to help audiology practices of all sizes excel. This is a great opportunity for more independent audiologists to access Manage, our comprehensive PMS, and Measure, our portfolio of audiological equipment run by advanced software, which will allow them to optimize their clinical performance and drive business growth while also providing exceptional patient care,” said Kurt Bager, Chief Executive Officer at Auditdata. “We look forward to many successes with HearBuy and our other partner organizations around the world.” 

About HearBuy

HearBuy was launched in 2002 to help support independent audiologists compete against high street chains. HearBuy changed how manufacturers offered discounts to independents, allowing them to purchase discounted hearing aids from any of the major manufacturers. This allows HearBuy members the flexibility to deal with all brands without limiting themselves by committing to one manufacturer's product. 

As a HearBuy member, you will become part of our purchasing group of independents, and you will receive discounts in-line with purchasing levels. The buying process remains simple. You deal directly with the manufacturers as usual, and HearBuy processes the payment and invoicing. All you have to do is request your order is placed on your HearBuy account. All orders will still be delivered directly to your own address as usual. HearBuy will then invoice you, including your discount, instead of the manufacturer. It really is that simple. 

Hearbuy’s sister company, Oto-Tech, offers audiologists access to leading brands. We strive to align ourselves with companies offering the Gold Standard in the industry, in addition to offering audiologists the best value propositions in capital equipment and audiological ancillaries. 

About Auditdata

Auditdata transforms the way hearing care providers can manage and deliver services to people with hearing loss. With data-driven solutions and services catering to all touchpoints of the audiology customer journey, Auditdata helps you take a proactive approach to achieve excellence in the way you deliver patient care and run your audiology business. 

Established in 1992, Auditdata has more than 30 years of experience working specifically with retail and hospital audiology software and audiometry. Around the world, 5.000 clinics with 10,000+ users already use the company’s software daily to improve clinical performance.