Auditdata takes tablet-based hearing screening to the next level

The new version of Auditdata Engage allows you to connect with more people with hearing loss in new settings, capture their attention and turn them into valuable new customers.

Today, Auditdata unveiled a new version of Auditdata Engage, a solution that enables hearing care providers to provide hearing self-screening to potentially qualified customers across a variety of high-traffic locations using a simple, iPad based solution.

The new version marks a milestone in the continuous improvement of the core functionality of the software that is already used by several leading hearing care providers around the world. Particularly in way it integrates with the backbone OMS that audiology retailers use to run their business, but also in its ease-of-use in terms of set-up and implementation.

As part of the version update, for example, test results from sessions are now automatically emailed to customers while all qualified leads are pushed simultaneously to the service provider making them instantly actionable. This means, staff can take action to get new pre-qualified customers to the clinic to perform a more elaborate hearing test.

Moreover, Auditdata has implemented improvements designed to make it easier for an audiology retailer to set-up and customize a test flow and export it to multiple tablets used across locations. New options and improved business intelligence capabilities have also been added providing care providers clever new ways of visualizing and reviewing lead analytics.

"The cloud-based architecture of Engage makes it possible to push screener results directly to the OMS with no double-entry. But it also makes it possible to customize the visual brand experience, configure test-flows and get the solution quickly up-and-running across many stores."

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Astrid Haastrup

Chief Audiologist at Auditdata

Several leading audiology retail chains are already reaping the benefits of using Auditdata Engage to get hold of new qualified leads with less effort and cost compared to conventional ways of identifying and attracting potential new customers.

In Australia, for example, Specsavers Audiology, has recently screened more than one million customers for hearing loss by making audiology screening part of the optometry pretesting in optical stores. Part of these screenings have been made using Auditdata Engage and the company is now aiming to reach two million performed screenings.

“Despite a huge global number of potential customers with hearing loss, it remains a major challenge for care providers to get them through the front door as many people still have negative associations with hearing aids and postpone buying. Self-screeners such as Auditdata Engage represent a clever way to get in front of customers and capture their attention in new settings,” says Astrid Haastrup.

In Poland, the hearing care chain Geers Polska that is part of the Sonova group, is also using Auditdata Engage to generate leads for its retail outlets.


"Auditdata Engage has been a great way for us to generate leads. During a short period of time, we have performed hundreds of screenings and this has turned into valuable appointments."

Ewa Mikula, Marketing Manager

Geers Polska, part of Sonova group

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