COVID 19 Update

COVID-19 update

At Auditdata we take every precaution in order to reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Read this update to learn which initiatives we've made to keep delivering our services without interruption.

Dear Auditdata customer, 

As we move further into the unprecedented situation that the spread of COVID-19 virus is creating around the world, we want to provide you with a brief update on the measures we have taken to deliver our services without interruption.  

They include: 

  • We have established a COVID-19 response team that follows the situation in our key markets closely including local governmental guidelines.
  • We have imposed business travel restrictions across the company and advised employees not to travel to foreign locations for vacation 
  • We have asked employees to work from home if their job allows and hold meetings virtually to reduce the risk of infection during transport and at the office 
  • All of our employees remain fully committed to deliver promptly on customer related request, obligations and projects, even in the event they are working from home 
  • We have encouraged employees to switch to virtual meeting with customers as this is mutually beneficial in reducing risk
  • Needless to say, any employee who has symptoms or even suspected symptoms have been asked to inform their manager immediately and stay home 
  • We have taken steps to ensure that our technical operations and support service including our transducer swap service will run as normal 
  • As we have less or no staff physically present in our offices, we encourage customers to use digital means of communication as it may be difficult to reach our staff via our main landline phone numbers 

Looking ahead, we will continue to follow updates and if necessary, make further adjustments to our policies to make sure customer services are not disturbed. In the meantime, we remain hopeful that the situation improves and send our thoughts to all those affected.

Stay safe